How To Get To Tulum From Cancun Easily: 5 Simple Ways To Get There

Searching for how to get to Tulum from Cancun airport for your upcoming trip? Here I listed all the options on how to get to Tulum so you arrive at the airport prepared to begin your vacation.

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How To Get To Tulum From Cancun

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Get A Private Shuttle From Cancun Airport To Tulum

If you’re looking for the best way to get to Tulum from Cancun that’s hassle-free and super quick, then you should opt for a private shuttle. 

Booking a private transfer from Cancun to Tulum your driver will greet you and take you directly to your hotel.  If you’re traveling alone or with others this is a very cost-effective option. Cancun airport to Tulum shuttles costs a  little over $65 USD one way. You can check more on prices and the company I was pleased with here

Ride The ADO Bus From Cancun To Tulum  

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ADO is the primary bus company that services all of Mexico. Traveling by bus from Cancun to Tulum is a safe and budget-friendly option if you’re not wanting to spend a lot of money on transportation. 

The ADO bus from Cancun airport to Tulum has various departure times throughout the day.  Departures leave the Cancun airport from terminals T2, T3, and T4. Terminal 2 accepts credit cards; however, for all other terminals only cash is accepted, you can pay either with USD or pesos. Here is more information regarding current pricing and Cancun airport to Tulum schedule. 

The ADO bus will drop you off directly in Tulum town, from there you will need to find a taxi to take you to where you will be staying. 

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Rent A Car To Drive From Cancun To Tulum

Renting a car is a fast and convenient way to reach Tulum from Cancun airport. Driving your own car gives you the freedom to visit more attractions that may be a little farther or outside of the city. Tulum is more spread out and it can be difficult to reach many places without a car. Here you can book a car rental from Cancun airport to Tulum and find out more details on pricing. 

Book Transfer From Cancun Airport To Tulum With Your Hotel

Most major resorts in Tulum will have a transfer from the Cancun airport to Tulum included in your hotel stay. If so,  confirm with the hotel your flight information so they can make arrangements for you. 

Take A Taxi From Cancun Airport To Tulum

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A last resort to get from Cancun airport to Tulum would be taking a cab. Cost of taking a cab is more expensive than booking a private shuttle. Prices are steep, but you may be able to negotiate a lower fare, but very minimal.

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Frequently Asked Questions: How To Get To Tulum From Cancun

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How Far Away Is Tulum From Cancun?

The distance from Cancun to Tulum is 118 kilometers (73 miles).

How Long Does It Take To Get From Cancun To Tulum?

Driving time from Cancun to Tulum is a little under 2 hours without making any stops. If you’re taking the route from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum expect to arrive in under an hour if traffic is good. The drive is straight through from both locations, so if you rent a car take a dip in some of the beautiful cenotes along the road.

 If you’re taking the ADO bus it may take a little longer to reach Tulum due to frequent stops. 

Is There An Airport In Tulum? 

Tulum does not have an international or domestic airport. 

What Is The Closest Airport To Tulum?

Cancun International Airport is the closest airport and the airport you should fly into to reach Tulum. 

Is There An Uber In Cancun And Tulum?

Starting in June 2019, Uber began operating in the Cancun region. You will be able to order an Uber from Cancun airport to Tulum. 

However, Uber is not currently supported in Tulum, so you will need to rely on another form of transportation to get around. 

How To Get To Tulum From Cancun: Conclusion

 Hopefully, you found this post on how to get to Tulum from Cancun helpful. Follow this guide and you will get to Tulum easily and stress-free!

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  1. Al

    Great post! itching to go to Tulum – saved for post lockdown bucket list!


      Oh Al I hope you get to visit soon. Will be a nice getaway post lockdown.

  2. Megan

    This is so helpful! We are heading to cancun in later this year and I always assumed we just had to grab a shuttle. It’s nice to know of other options!


      Oh have fun Megan. It is super easy to get to Tulum. I find the shuttle and renting a car the best to get there. Enjoy your trip!

  3. Kate

    This is so helpful! I want to go to Tulum later this year and I was wondering about the trip from Cancun. Great to know about the options!!


      Oh how exciting Kate! It is super easy to get to Tulum from Cancun. Enjoy your trip.

  4. Hannah

    This is such a great guide! I always hate working out the logistics of getting from one place to the next when I’m travelling and weighing up all of the options. Thanks for doing all of the hard work for me!


      Yes Hannah that part is so stressful when traveling. Glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. Krista

    These are some great tips! Definitely worth saving for when I plan my trip here.


      So glad you enjoyed the tips Krista!Thanks for reading.

  6. Elle

    This is so useful! Mexico is high on my bucket list for when travel opens up again


      Thanks for reading Elle. Hope you get to visit soon. It’s a great bucket list place.

  7. Harry Miler

    Thank you for this Cancun airport transportation guide. Do you have more information about prices? This summer I want to travel to Tulum with my wife, and I am looking for more information, can you help me?


      Thank you so much Harry for reading my post. The pricing depends on which vehicle you select and the amount of passengers for transport. If you want a shuttle I suggest using They were very professional and quick during my visit. If you go to their website you can get an estimate. Just select ‘view rates’ and input your information such as the date you plan to visit, vehicle type, and number of passengers and you can get a rate. Enjoy your visit! The beaches are beautiful in Tulum.

  8. Danny Leubbert

    Hi, I saw that you mentioned that UBER does not operate in Tulum but do you know if other platforms like DIDI and CABIFY reach Tulum?


      Hi Danny, thanks for reading. Didi and Cabify are available in Cancun. Since I didn’t take those options I am unsure if they transfer to Tulum. The shuttle is a great option since you can book in advance and even a private shuttle.

  9. David Lara

    Great tips! I´m planning a visit during the summer with a small group of friends and this is very useful.
    I had no idea Ubers were not allowed. Do you think Uber prices would be better than the ones you mention?

    Anyway, I think our best option is a private shuttle.


      Honestly, I am not sure. I personally did not take those options and went with both a private shuttle and rented a car during my visit. I think going with the shuttle is an excellent option. Have a wonderful trip!

  10. Robert Shedd

    Which option would you recommend to me?
    I´m planning a trip with my girlfriend soon. Does private transportation is worth the price or would you say, renting a car is a more viable option?

    Thanks in advance!
    Great post.


      Hi Robert, thanks for reading! If you plan to stay on the beach strip only during your trip a shuttle will suffice. However, I would suggest renting a car if you plan on taking day trips or visiting cenotes outside of Tulum.

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