Best Places For Solo Female Travel

Me at the Nyhavn Canal painted houses one of the best places for solo female travel.

Solo female traveling has become increasingly popular over the years. Traveling solo has many perks such as picking your own schedule and not waiting on anyone to get your day started.  If you are browsing for the best places for a solo female travel trip, I have listed the top solo female travel destinations that are safe for the women traveling alone. Whether this is your first trip by yourself or not, these cities will give you one unforgettable experience. 

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The capital of Bavaria is hands down one fun city for solo female travelers, especially for those who are into history and yummy food. 

Locals are chummy, the architecture is breathtaking, and the food is definitely scrumptious. The atmosphere in Munich is  truly magical making one of the best places for solo female travel. 

Consider visiting Munich during the winter months when the city is festively decorated for the holiday. Although, any time of the year would be perfectly okay to take a trip. 


The options are endless!  I personally recommend visiting one of their many museums, but make sure the Munich Residenz is on your list. This museum is the largest palace in Germany. 

Marienplatz, Munich’s main square has many activities such as shopping and eating to keep you busy that are walking distance from each other. 

Visit St. Peter’s Tower to get a panoramic view of the square. The tower is 92-meters high and to reach the top you must climb 14-flights of stairs. The journey to the tower is definitely worth the view! 

Check out the Neo-Gothic style architecture of New Town. This building is massive and will leave you awestruck.  Make sure you are around the New Town Hall either at 11AM, 12PM, or 5PM to watch the glockenspiel. 

Grab a pretzel, a bratwurst, and a frothy beer at the popular farmer’s market Viktualienmarkt. 

For a true Bavarian experience have a meal and sip on a beer stein the size of your head at Höfbräuhaus Brewery. Live traditional Bavarian music serenades you while you eat and servers are even dressed in Lederhosen. 


Ah Vienna! A city that is scattered with whimsical architecture, fancy Viennese coffee houses on every corner, and the scent of wienerschnitzel in the air. 

To be honest, what I loved most during my visit in Vienna was the simplicity of their metro system, the U-bahn. Prior to any trip, I always find myself getting anxious wondering how I will get around the city.  Vienna’s U-bahn makes it super easy to get around.

Vienna is great to visit during any season. The Viennese are famous for their extraordinary Christmas Markets, during the winter season though. However, if you are not a fan of the cold, then avoid this time of year. But, if this Florida girl could hand the frigid weather, so can you. 


Vienna has a lot to keep you busy during your visit. First stop while there should be St. Stephen’s Cathedral located in Vienna’s main square Stephenplatz. This 700- year old cathedral is simply memorizing and one of the most popular tourists attractions. You can take an elevator to the top for a bird’s-eye view of Vienna. 

Walk around the city by foot. Vienna has countless alleyways that you will happily want to get lost in during your stroll. 

For those who fancy historical museums, Vienna has an overabundance to explore. So pick many and go!

No trip to Vienna would be complete without sipping a cup of coffee and eating petite desserts at the world famous Cafe Central. Just make sure to book a reservation in advance. Cafe Central stays busy and lines form outside the door before the doors open. 


Ciao bella! Rome is one of the most popular and oldest cities in the world. With the rich history and delicious Italian cuisine it makes the one of the best cities for female solo travel.

During my visit to Rome, I couldn’t stop eating to be honest. That was the highlight of my trip and I wasn’t concerned with how my stomach was on the verge of exploding. I was one hungry solo female traveler looking to satisfy my insatiable lust of gnocchi, gelato, pizza, and arancini cravings. 

Go ahead and eat while you are there because you will get plenty of exercise walking around to all your stops in the city. Do shuffle around on foot so you don’t miss any of the adorable winding alleyways with hidden mom and pop cafes. 

Rome is beautiful to visit all year round. However, if you go and prefer a quieter visit than avoid summer months. Most tourist attractions will be less crowded and more enjoyable. 


When in Rome, do as the Romans do – eat! When I say eat, become a glutton! Engorge yourself in Italian food all hours of the day. Don’t have any regrets on that plane ride back home. 

You may be aware of all the acclaimed attractions Rome has. I know you’re well aware to take a trip to the Colossuem, Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Basilica, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Sistine Chapel and you know the exhausting never ending list of things to do in Rome. 

One neighborhood you shouldn’t miss  during your trip is Trastevere.It is one of the few places you can get an idea of how everyday Roman life is on this ancient part of the city. For an authentic and local experience grab a seat at one of the many restaurants, cafes, or bars on this side of town. 

Walk where the alleys lead you and get lost in the city. It will take you some time, but hey Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?


Zurich has a lot to offer to keep the solo female traveler busy during their visit.

As the financial and business capital of the country it is perfect for the solo woman traveler seeking luxury and some of  the exceptional things in life. 

I have visited Zurich several times through out the years and do plan on returning soon. 

Any season would be perfect to head to Zurich for your solo female trip. However, something about being in Europe during the winter season is truly enchanting. 


Well if you love cheese, Zurich is the perfect city for you. In Zurich you are bound to find the best fondue EVER! Any trip to Zurich is not a trip if you did not nourish yourself with that gooey cheese dip. 

Stroll Old Town to and adore some of the most colorful and adorable cottages that are occupied with shops and cafes. It is a great location to do some souvenir shopping and people watching. 

Visit the most expensive and famous street in the world, Bahnhofstrasse. If you fancy high end brands and or have the cash to buy a famous Swiss watch this is the street to go! 

Zurich is a great biking city and such a cool way to familiarize yourself quickly with the town. 

Overlook Old Town from a hill at the Lindenhof the historic centre. It is one spectacular view of the town.


Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands is known for their countless canals, gorgeous tulip fields, memorable nightlife, world-class museums, and gingerbread homes. 

This city is a perfect getaway for the solo female traveler. Amsterdam is fairly easy to get around by foot. Most locals do get around town by bicycle which is a great way to see more of the city rather quickly. 

Amsterdam is great to visit all year round. However, if you’re wanting to enjoy long strolls along the canals comfortably visit during the warmer months. 


There are a lot of highly recognized museums in Amsterdam such as the Van Gogh or Anne Frank’s home deserving of your visit. 

Of course I had a take a peek of the Red Light District since we don’t have anything like that in the States. 

Visit the oldest pharmacy in Amsterdam. You make be thinking I am slightly crazy for making this suggestion, but it is truly unique inside. Pick up some of the delicious  licorice candy too while there. 

The cuisine in Amsterdam is absolutely superb. Don’t skimp out on their local beers, stroopwafles, bitterballen, and gouda while there.

To truly capture the essence of the Amsterdam you should cycle around the city for a true local feel. 


It is time to head to the desert, the United Arab Emirates’ capital, Abu Dhabi – which is one of the safest places for solo female travelers.

Even though its neighbor Dubai is more favored, I enjoyed my stay in Abu Dhabi so much greater.  Abu Dhabi exhibited more authenticity and the Emirate culture I was seeking.

Visiting Abu Dhabi gave me an experience I have never had. This city is the perfect destination for the first trip for a solo female traveler. 

Abu Dhabi is glitz, glam, and massive buildings you will easily get lost in exploring. 

Year round Abu Dhabi is pretty much a sweltering greenhouse. If it is on your list, avoid the desert in August, which is the hottest month of the year.  

As a tip, I do recommend you dress modestly during your visit.


For a truly Emirate experience sample some camel. This delicacy can be ordered at Emirate’s Palace. If you choose to pass I do suggest trying a camelccino, which is a cappuccino made with camel’s milk and sprinkled with 24-karat gold flakes.

Have your breath taken away at the stunning grandiose Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is one of the most beautiful mosques I have visited. Archways are aligned with gold details and structures composed of white marble leading up the the ceiling. 

Take a quick day trip to Dubai which is a little under two hours away by bus or cab. Reaching the city is very easy and extremely safe as a solo female traveler. Take a desert safari tour. You cannot visit the Middle East without walking in the desert and have a feast under the starts and being entertained by a Dervish dancer.


Anywhere in Greece would be perfect for a first time solo female traveler, but Zakynthos is a perfect getaway. 

Greece is a country I visit frequently and have visited many of the islands. But, Zakynthos quickly became my favorite. This is one of the best vacation spots for solo female travelers. 

The Greek islands are a pretty popular destination. If you plan on visiting Zakynthos avoid planning a trip in June and July. Prices of hotels and activities are inflated and the island is overly crowded. An awesome time to visit Zakynthos would be in May or early September. 


In Zakynthos enjoy the fresh delicious Greek cuisine everyday. Make sure you eat plenty of souvlaki, tiropita, and tzatziki. The island also has some taverns that make their own wine, and have unique flavors such as blackberry.

Soak in the sun on Cameo Island a private island of the shore of Laganas. Cameo Island is great to snorkel, sun bathe, or sip on a cocktail. 

Rent a boat with a captain to take you around the Keri Caves. Take a dip in some of the clearest waters around the island. 

Head to Naviago Beach to see one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Don’t forget to snap that infamous picture from the top and below. 

If tanning isn’t your thing, Zakynthos has many water sports for the solo female travel adventurer. Swim with sea turtles, go diving, or even rent a jet ski. 


Get happy at one of the happiest places on Earth and one of my favorite cities. 

Copenhagen is the top solo female travel destination in Europe for first timers venturing off on their own. It is a very walkable city and transportation is very easy to figure out.  

Danish live, eat, and breath by the term hygge. Since it is not an English word it is almost impossible to define – you just have to go and feel it for yourself. To sum it up, it is being alone or with friends with lots of coziness all around.

Copenhagen is beautiful to visit all year round. If you visit during the Winter months, just be sure certain restaurants or museums will be open due to the holidays. 


Tivoli Gardens is one of the most popular activities in Copenhagen. This amusement park is filled with that good old hygge warmth. 

Copenhagen has impeccable food that will tantalize your tastebuds. Visit Torvehallerne and sample delicious meats, cheese, pastries, and the famous smørrebrøad. 

Catch a panoramic view of Copenhagen at The Round Tower one of Europes oldest observatories that is still working. Also, the interior is pretty darn cool. 

Take a walk on the dark side of Copenhagen, Christiania or “The Green Light District.” You can see another city within Copenhagen. Just a solo female traveler tip, Christiania is safe to walk during the day. However, I would be hesitant to walk around as a female alone at night. 

Don’t forget to get your picture by the painted houses along the Nyhavn River. It truly is picturesque. 



Waffles, chocolate, and beer – oh my! There are many reasons why Brussels makes a  perfect solo female travel destination. The city is not complicated to get around, it’s fairly inexpensive, and most importantly safe for a female to be alone. 

Brussels has some stunning architecture that will leave you awestruck. 

You can plane a trip any time of year to Belgium. Avoid the winter months if you’re not into cold weather.


Rue Neuve is a lively pedestrian only street that is great to do spend the day shopping. It is the most well known street in Belgium. 

Fill up on waffles during your visit. I’m not kidding either. Brussels has the tastiest waffles I ever eaten. The Belgians sure know how to make one killer waffle and pretty much all waffles that aren’t Belgian will be ruined after that. 

Head away from the center of the city and  journey to the square with Grand Palace. It is a perfect spot to slowly browse and admire the surroundings and markets. 

Belgium is known to have delicious chocolate and beer. A food tour is one spectacular way to sample all the goodies that make them famous. Or you can just walk about and stop at many cafes and do your own self tour. 


For those who are searching for a low key trip, Mauritius makes the perfect escape and best places to visit for solo female travelers. 

This tiny island hanging in the Indian Ocean is filled with lush tropical landscape and mountains with a captivating view of the coast. 

All locals speak at least 2-3 languages, English being one of them. So don’t worry about having any issues understanding Mauritians. 

The temperature in Mauritius is warm all year round. During my visit in March rain occurred intermittently, but didn’t exceed  past 20-minutes. Don’t waste your time styling your hair with the humidity there. 


Take a day trip to the capital Port Louis. Purchase a delicious fruit cup from one of the many vendors and stroll along the bay. Be sure to pack plenty of cash in that wallet. There is plenty of shopping and since it is an island everything is expensive.

Citadel Fort Adelaide has one stunning view of the island from above. Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes because it is a steep hike to the top. 

Relax at the many beautiful beaches on Mauritius. Take a day to yourself and grab a good book, order a fruity cocktail, and unplug from the world.

Swimming with the wild dolphins was by far my favorite excursion in Mauritius. This activity is for the female travelers who are early risers. Depending on the time of year you arrive you can also go whale watching, which is only available late June through December. 


Paris is city that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. Despite it being know for the city of love it is one of the best places for solo female travel. At least from my experience I had an awesome time. 

With all there is to do in Paris you won’t even realize you are traveling alone. 

Paris is filled with many beautiful neighborhoods, charming cafes, and offers and allurement that will whisk you off your feet. 

Paris is beautiful to visit during all seasons. The city is beautiful in the snow, rain, and when flowers are blooming.  


Obviously you cannot take a trip to Paris without visiting the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and all their most recognized museums. 

Paris actually has some very lovely neighborhoods that are deserving of your visit. One of my favorites in the city and where the locals go is Le Marais. 

Shop until you drop in Paris. They have beautiful boutiques filled with elegant fragrances and clothing. 

Take a food tour and delight yourself in all the delicious food France is known for. 



Never ever travel without travel insurance! Traveling can take an unexpected turn and it is better to be prepared than not be at all. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance to these best places for solo female travel.


When I am not using my credit card rewards to book a flight – I like to browse Google Flights first. It is great to check the prices and availability when booking ahead. Once I know when and where I am headed I turn to Skyscanner for deals. 


Most travel reward credit cards offer amazing rates for hotels. But, I always do double check if there are better deals on 


When traveling solo I do enjoy taking tours when I first arrive into a new city. It helps me learn the town quickly with a local showing me around before venturing out on my own. My favorite to book with are from Triple and Showaround. They offer a variety of tours to please every type of traveler. 

For excursions is my go to always. 

Top Solo Female Travel Destinations Recap

female solo travel board listing countries, currency, and language.


Make sure you are ready to venture off for your solo female travel trip. Now you know the best places for solo female travel, check out my other posts to make sure you are prepared before you leave:


And there you have the best places for solo female travel. Rest assured if  this is your first time, these are the safest countries for female travelers. Have you done any solo female travel trips before? Where were your first time solo female travel destinations?

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  1. Wow! Great post. I can’t believe it but I’ve never been to any of these places. I have to add them all to the list! Thank you.

    1. Hey Jess! Yes add them, I am sure you will enjoy all these places when you go. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. These are all such interesting locations! I traveled solo in Europe for 3 months straight and then a few more weeks on and off and never hit any of these cities alone. Hopefully I can check them out sooner rather than later.

    1. MacKenzie I hope you get to check them out too sooner than later 🙂

  3. I absolutely agree with this list! As a frequent solo traveler, I have to admit I’ve been to 10 out of 11 of these places (solo!). I’d probably add Bangkok to this list too 🙂

    1. Well hello to another frequent solo traveler. That is so wonderful to hear you have been getting around all over the world. Thanks for reading Lannie! Bangkok is a good one to add.

  4. All of these are on my bucket list. Wonderful information provided. Pinning for future reference when I make it to some of these.

    1. I hope you get to make it to the wonderful countries soon Michele. Thank you so much for reading.

  5. Great list! Greece is high on my list of places to return. I am really looking forward to traveling again when restrictions are eased. I will be keeping some of these for my lists!

    1. Hello Caitie! So agree with you about returning to Greece. It will be so nice when the restrictions are eased.

  6. Great post, great recommendations and some great photos as well. I loved exploring Amsterdam solo and always enjoy a getaway to reset solo ?

    1. Hi Teri! A solo trip is always a great reset. Couldn’t agree more with you. Amsterdam is one amazing city!

  7. I LOVE how you’re spreading the message of how great female solo travel is. Such great tips and places to go- didn’t consider some such as Mauritus! So cool!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I do love traveling solo. I hope you get to visit Mauritius soon. It is such a beautiful country.

  8. Solo travel is probably one of my favorite ways to go these days (especially after having traveled with people I was super travel-incompatible with)–I’ve never been to any of these places but would love to go someday!

    1. So true Farrah about solo travel. Traveling with others can be difficult. Hope you get to make those places soon also!

  9. Loooove this post – now I’m even more desperate to travel again! Zurich has been on my bucket list for years now. I hope I can make it there this year or next ??

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment! Writing the post made me want to go back. I hope we both can get on the plane soon. Zurich is amazing!

  10. Awesome post! love all the tips, I have to go to Mauritius one day so beautiful and it is good to know that it is safe there for solo travelers too

    1. Oh Albi I think you would love Mauritius. The locals are so friendly and it is super safe!

  11. I’d love to go visit Copenhagen on my first solo trip!

    1. Hey Melissa! I highly recommended visiting Copenhagen as a first female solo trip.

  12. Totally agreeing with you on Mauritius! Did a solo trip there back in 2016 and to date it still remains one of my best memories! ?

    1. Mauritius is ah-mazing Shafinah! Glad to hear you had good memories like me as well. Beautiful country!

  13. Such a great list, Chrissy! Copenhagen is one that is high on my list. I’ve gone to Paris twice and agree it’s a fabulous destination for solo female travelers.

    1. Oh Lynne I hope you get to make Copenhagen soon. I would say it is the top city for a solo female traveler.

  14. I’m slowly getting more and more comfortable with solo travel and I’m loving it! I love that I don’t have to wait for people because I’m such an early riser. I’ll have to plan for some of these destinations when I can travel to Europe again!

    1. Exactly Sarah going solo has so many benefits. It is your schedule! Hope you get out there soon with your solo travels!

  15. Some great recommendations you’ve made! Travelling as a solo female is fun fun (my first was to SE Asia!).

    1. So true Loredana solo travel is so much fun and you learn a lot about yourself. SE Asia I am sure was a memorable experience for your first time.

  16. SOLDD!! I would go to any of theses places in a heartbeat! I love traveling with my husband but lets be real, after COVID we ALL may need and deserve some SOLO travel!

    1. You’re so right Sophia! But, most of my solo trips are because my husband is working so much. I hope you get to go with your husband or solo soon! Thanks for reading!

  17. Rome is one of my favorites as a solo traveler! Haven’t been to Amsterdam, Greece, Copenhagen or Mauritius yet but I can see why they’d be appealing.

    1. Rome is such a fun city Carrie. The food oh my! Hope you get to make one of those cities soon!

  18. There are so many amazing destinations on this list!! I’ve never done any solo travel as I have a travel-loving OH, but it’s something I’d love to try. We were planning on visiting Rome and Amsterdam this year. Fingers crossed for next year instead!

    1. Hey Hannah! Oh would love to go back and visit Rome and Amsterdam. Have a fun trip. Yes, definitely do some solo travel next year!

  19. Awesome list! I haven’t done much solo traveling but would love to get some more solo trips in. These are all great destinations, but I think Abu Dhabi would be my top pick!

    1. Hello Olivia! Abu Dhabi is a great choice when you decide to do some more solo traveling! Such a great city!

  20. What an excellent list! I’ve been to most of these solo and agree they are super solo travel friendly especially for those just starting out. I loved wandering Brussels, Rome and Paris solo. Would love to visit Greece and Dubai one day!

    1. Hey Vanessa! Thanks so much for reading. Hope you get to visit Greece and Dubai soon. They are such great places!

  21. I have yet to go on a solo trip but I really need to. I loved Munich and would love to go to Abhu Dabi! Italy is always a great place for any traveler.

    1. Hello Francesca. I hope you get to go on a solo trip soon. Abu Dhabi was my first solo trip and it was a lot of fun.

  22. Superb Places you have informed in this article. I hope it will be a great options to choose other solo traveler in female.Nice doing, thanks for this sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading! You will enjoy those places.

  23. Great list! Thank! I usually go on a trip with my daughter, but I am planning a solo trip next year. I would like to visit Zurich, it is an amazing city!

    1. What a wonderful travel partner you have Rosana! Hopefully, you get to a solo trip next year. Zurich is one amazing city. The food is so delicious!

  24. I absolutely agree with these destinations for solo travel. I loved and still love returning to Rome by myself. That place is amazing!

    1. Right Helga? Rome is such a magical place and the delicious food is an added bonus.

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