Things To Do When Stuck At Home For Bored Travelers

Are you a traveler that is bored and looking for things to do when stuck at home? If you’re cooped up because you’re building up paid time off or saving some cash I have compiled a list of things to do when stuck at home. These 8 activities will occupy the frequent flyer’s time until you’re able to head off on a jet plane for your next adventure.  

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Epic Things To Do When Stuck At Home And Bored

1| Learn A New Language

Planning an international trip in the future? Take the time and learn the language! You are looking for things to do when bored at home, right?  During my travels I have found most locals appreciate this kind gesture and attempt from tourists. More than likely if you find yourself in a jam, locals are seem more willing to help in a sticky situation. So before jaunting off on your next trip,  take time to learn a few common phrases. Some travel terms and phrases to learn that have helped me are:

  • Hello
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • Excuse Me
  • Sorry
  • Yes/No
  • You’re Welcome
  • Where is _____?
  • Water
  • Check Please!

Even if the language is difficult, still go the extra mile and learn how to order your favorite meals and cocktails! German was a little rough for me during my stay in Munich. Thankfully, the locals were super patient and appreciated my gesture.

Check out some of these applications I have personally used and loved. 

*Michel Thomas Method is an application that can be downloaded directly onto your phone, which makes it super easy to use everywhere. This has been my favorite application for learning a new language and it helped me to pick up on Greek very quickly.

The Michel Thomas Method application is set up as if you’re in a classroom with an instructor and 2 other students. Everyone is starting from the same level, knowing nada!  It is easy and teaches you common words and phrases to have an everyday conversation quickly. All you need is 30 minutes daily to finish a session. You will be instructed to pause momentarily and practice the sentence instructed along with pronunciation. Price varies depending on the language you select, but it is pretty inexpensive. For Greek, it costs me around 25 bucks for all the lessons. 

*Duolingo is another phone application that is great for learning a new language. This application is set up as a game, so you won’t get bored. There are daily tasks you have to complete before reaching the next level. What is great about Duolingo is that it is totally free! You can get a pretty good base to interact with locals using the free version. If the free version intrigued you and got you wanting more,  subscribe to the Duolingo Plus version for less than $10 a month.

*Rosetta Stone is probably one of the most popular and expensive when it comes to learning a new language. You can download the application on your phone or buy the software for your computer. Rosetta Stone starts by introducing the most basic words, then gradually progresses to form sentences. You can access 30—minutes of content for free,  which I suggest you do prior to subscribing due to the cost. Check it out and see if you are a fan first. If so, you are able to download the application and select a 3-month, 12-month, or lifetime plan. Price ranges from $44-$199 depending on whichever plan you choose. 

2| Learn To Cook The Cuisine

Picture of an Italian dish with basil and tomatoes

Cooking in one creative thing to do when bored at home and an excellent way to brush up on your culinary skills. If know where your next trip will be or just fancy a culture, learn about their cuisine. You probably are already aware of the most common dishes there, but dig a little deeper and find some of the more authentic dishes that the locals prepare daily. 

Before I married my Greek husband I didn’t realize there were so many tasty Greek dishes I haven’t tried. Have you heard of Dako or Galaktoboureko? I saw these meals on the menu at the Greek restaurants. These happened to become some of my Greek favorites. 

Scope out cookbooks specifically for that culture. Surfing the internet is great to get ideas for new dishes you may not have known. Gather up some recipes and plan a week of meals from that country. Sharpen those knives and throw on your apron and get to cooking.

3| Read About The Culture

Picture of a cup of tea with someone reading a book

Dive deep into where you’re wanting to visit and check out some non-fiction books about the culture. Get a glimpse of the history and everyday life of the locals. Finding out more about the culture is a fantastic way to identify and relate to their lifestyle. 

If you’re not into reading books, check out some vloggers and hear about their experiences during their visit. 

4| Research Essentials & Requirements Needed

someone researching one of the things to do when stuck at home regarding where you want to travel to next

Pass time being stuck in the house all day and research essentials and requirements needed for your next destination. Are you prepared to get on the plane? It is time to brush up and get all your ducks in row.

Documentation & Requirements

Before you go do check out required vaccinations, visas, health advisories, travel insurance, and other required documentation. You don’t wanna miss that trip if your passport is reaching expiration, right?

Research Local Laws

Spend time investigating local laws and customs as one of the things to do when bored at home. Before my visit to the UAE I spent a lot of time looking into their laws since they are different from my part of the world. Better to be safe than sorry, so learn the laws! 


Take the time while stuck at home to look up essentials for your future trip. Do you have the travel power outlet you may need? Even though you may be a frequently flyer what things are missing from your stash? Going to hike mountains, do you have the right boots? Heading to Mauritius? Maybe you need to stock up on insect repellant and sunscreen.


Do some research on the currency and exchange rates. Learn from my mistake of not looking into this further. During my visit to Havana, after I arrived I found out there was a better exchange rate with Euros. Dang it, I would have converted my US dollars at home to get more Cuban Pesos. Explore your options to get the most out of your buck! 

5| Watch Movies Filmed There

someone watching tv with popcorn on their shirt one of things to do when stuck at home is look at movies where you want to travel

Pull out that phone and find some movies filmed from the country you wanna visit. Just another fun random thing to do when stuck inside the home. Or better yet, find one of their box-office hits if subtitles are available. Usually, those films give you an idea how locals interact with one another and their sense of humor. 

You can also check out documentaries that were filmed in that country. Although, typically they are not filmed by the locals, but the producer usually has a pretty good understanding of the culture. 

6| Do Some Shopping For The Trip

Picture of someone holding a debit card and looking at the computer

Don’t know what to do when you’re stuck in the house all day? Do some online shopping for your future trip!  This is one of the other fun things to do at home. Surf the internet and find some fantastic sales that have clothing and cute accessories so you will look fabulous.

Don’t forget to add those essentials you may need to wherever you are headed. Remember, pick up some sunscreen, hiking boots, or whatever else so you’re prepared.  

7| Create One Awesome Itinerary

Now that you got all your details and essentials it’s time to create one freaking awesome itinerary. This is one of the fun things to do at home when bored prior to your trip. Use my step-by-step guide for Google Maps to help you organize your trip.

If you discovered some new dishes while cooking, research restaurants in the area that have spectacular reviews so you can sample them while there. Make a list of all the places you want to try and meals you want to eat. 

Did you find some new sites to explore while watching movies or reading about where you want to visit? Make a list of all those places and add them to your itinerary. 

Check out bloggers who have visited the city and jot down some of the places they visited during their expedition! Usually, they recommend some cities off the beaten path too for a quick day trip. 

8| Get In Shape

someone doing a plank pose on a yoga mat

Get that body in shape before you go, so you won’t feel so bad indulging in all that delicious food you will be eating. 

YouTube is a great resource for workout videos and you can find a wide selection of workout routines, so pick one that flips your fancy. Fitness Blender is one of my favorites to get my sweat on with their HIIT routines.

There are also a lot of applications that can be downloaded onto your phone for free or with a monthly paid subscription. SWEAT: Kayla Itsines has been one I have used in the past. She has some workout routines that will seriously kick your butt.

Things To Do When Stuck At Home Conclusion

So there you have it folks the 8 things to do when stuck at home when bored. These activities will surely keep you busy and will get you ready for your next trip. 

Since you’re stuck inside, check out these travel quotes and movies for a good laugh or cry:

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