16 Stay At Home Ideas For The Perfect Staycation When You Can’t Travel

Can’t travel but itching for a vacation? Whether you are low on travel funds or have no time off, I have the perfect stay-at-home ideas for an awesome staycation in the comfort of your home. Find out the top stay-at-home ideas and staycation tips so you will feel you’re on an exotic getaway.

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Stay At Home Ideas: Tips For Your Home Getaway

If you’re wondering how can you do a staycation at home, it is possible, but first, follow these tips before your staycation gets started.

Plan Like You Normally Would

Prior to your staycation at home, one of my top staycation tips is to plan it out. Figure out how many days you plan to have your staycation at home. After, create an itinerary for what you will do every day. I have some ideas below to make this easy.

Clean House And Tie Up Loose Ends

Clean your house, do grocery shopping, pay bills, and tie up loose ends with phone calls and such before your staycation begins.

Unplug From The World

Arrange to keep that phone on silent unless you planned on catching up with a friend or posting a photo doing one of these ultimate staycation ideas. 

Set up automatic away messages on your email during your vacation at home, and if I missed any other form of communication, turn it off! 

Stay At Home Ideas For An Awesome Staycation

1| Have a Spa Day

picture of a lady with a face mask on, towel on her head having a spa day one of the best stay at home ideas

One of my favorite staycation ideas is to pamper myself, we could all use a little self-care. Just like on a vacation away, you may indulge in a massage, pedicure, or facial at a resort.

Pull out all your favorite skincare masks, pour a glass of wine, get a book or magazine, and treat yourself. 

You can also soak in a nice salt or bubble bath with dim lighting while listening to your favorite playlist or Podcast.  

2| Try New Recipes

Put your culinary skills to use, if you don’t have any, now it’s time to have fun and learn some! Choose one of your favorite meals and become a pro at making the dish. Put on your apron, sharpen your knives, and sip a nice glass of wine. 

3| Try A New Workout Routine

picture of a women doing a plank position

Step out of your comfort zone and try a new workout routine, something you wouldn’t ever imagine yourself doing, and do it! YouTube has about every workout online. Give it a go! 

4| Read A Book

Has your schedule gotten the best of you leaving you with no time to read a book on your list? Now is the time to get that book and read it now!

5| Sleep In

picture of a women sleeping in of the the top stay at home ideas

One of my absolute favorite stay-at-home ideas is to sleep. Turn the alarm off and stay snuggled up under your blanket. 

6| Have a Cheese And Wine Party

picture of a charcuterie board

Making a charcuterie board is one of the other fun staycation ideas at home. Have a party with yourself or whoever else is in your home and get your favorite cured meats, cheeses, and whatever else, and master making one awesome charcuterie board.

 If you are looking for inspiration check out Food Network here to get those creative juices flowing!

7| Have A Picnic

Throw yourself together for a nice picnic on your porch or at the nearest park. Listen to the birds chirp, smell the grass, and enjoy the sky. Look at everything outside, but not your phone!

8| Binge On Your Favorite Movies

picture of a couple and their dog lounging on the couch

Make a list of all your favorite movies or ones that you haven’t seen and binge-watch those movies one night. Grab your charcuterie board, your favorite cocktail, and a fluffy blanket, and snuggle up on the sofa.

 9| Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill is one of the productive stay-at-home ideas to do during your staycation. Become a master at something you have been wanting to learn.

Some ideas for you would be learning a new language, taking better pictures, starting a blog, mastering a specific cuisine, or playing an instrument.

10| Get The Games Out

picture of the board game scrabble. Playing board games is another stay at home idea

Pull out the games for some fun entertainment at home! Get the cards, crossword puzzles, board games, or sudoku. If you’re hanging solo for your staycation there are some great games to play by yourself online or with others.

11| Order In A Fancy Meal

Pick one of your favorite pricey restaurants or a new one you haven’t tried and order in. Splurge on yourself and order a 3-course meal.

12| Take Naps & Decompress

You remember naps, we used to get those as children. Take a quick nap when needed and catch up on some much needed rest. 

13| Learn About Your Neighborhood 

picture of someone reading a magazine at a cafe

Learn about your neighborhood and see if there are hidden gems to discover like restaurants, boutiques, or cafes.

14| Brag About Your Perfect Staycation

Check in with a friend or family member and them about all the new meals you cooked, your spa day, the fabulous movies you watched, and all the other stay-at-home ideas you did.

15| Take Time To Learn About Yourself

One of the most important staycation ideas is taking time to reflect on your goals. Meditate and think about if you are complacent with yourself at the moment. If not, write down where you want to be and the steps to get there.

16| Master Making Your Favorite Cocktail

picture of a cocktail. Learning how to make a cocktail is on of my favorite stay at home ideas

Mastering your favorite or new cocktail is one of the most fun and creative stay at home ideas, at least in my opinion.

Don’t just become a pro making it, learn where it originated, it will make an awesome conversation starter at parties.

Stay-At-Home Ideas Conclusion

Hopefully, you find these stay-at-home ideas beneficial for how to make your staycation fun. For more ideas more travel based, I have things to do at home for the traveler. Got any other staycation tips I may have missed? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Zi @craving.adventure

    12 and 16 have my name written all over it 😀

  2. Michelle

    I love these ideas so much. I have been taking some online classes, updating blog posts, and practicing my cooking (which I am not very good at). LOL!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Lol now is the time to get better with cooking. But, it sounds like you’re keeping yourself busy.

  3. Bliss

    These are such fun ideas. I want to do the cheese board and wine idea!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Thank you! The cheese board is a lot of fun and pretty darn delicious!

  4. Chelsea

    Out of all of these I think I have mastered sleeping in most LOL.
    Great tips! I love that so many people are trying new thing during this time! I have been learning about web development and also trying new at home workouts! X

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Girl I understanding mastering sleeping! I think we are all being creative at this point to keep us entertained.

  5. roshni

    I have done most of these except the cheese and wine party, how could I miss that one!!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Too funny, now you can have one!

  6. Maggie

    I definitely had a wine party last night! A wine store near me has been doing virtual wine tastings every Friday, so I’ve been going all out for them haha. And I’ve definitely been trying all sorts of new recipes! These are great tips, especially since we’re all doing staycations right now.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Virtual wine tastings sounds like so much fun. I wish they did that around here. Unfortunately, yes we are on staycation mode everywhere. Stay safe!

  7. Erin

    I love all these ideas! Much needed right now (I’m going into week 6 of quarantine, now). My partner and I have made a habit of every Sunday ordering a really good meal from one of our favourite restaurants. It’s been a really nice treat to look forward to and lets us support our fav establishments. Anyways, thanks for the inspo! Keep well and safe.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Such a great idea having a set day to order out and supporting local businesses! You two stay well and safe also!

  8. Shafinah Neville

    I love all the ideas here – and yes! Learning all these recipes that I’ve been stashing for years is definitely top of my list!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Thank you! Yes, I need to pull out mine too!

  9. Loredana

    Great ideas for all of us stuck at home due to unfortunate circumstances! Happy Easter! 🙂

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Thank you so much. These times are sad. Happy Easter to you too!

  10. Catherine @ To & Fro Fam

    Great post! I’m normally traveling pretty often so am trying to find positives about staying at home – like looking for opportunities for staycations. I’ve been playing outside with my kids a lot more often, and the other day we gave each other makeovers! I hope you’re hanging in there and enjoying these staycation ideas, too.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      The makeovers sound like so much fun. Hope you and your family are well and hanging in there too!

  11. Francesca

    These are some fun activities. I like making cocktails a lot and can definitely binge movies! Wine and Cheese nights are always good.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Making new cocktails are always fun!

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