6 Places To Take Pictures In Vienna That Are Breathtaking For Instagram

There are so many places to take pictures in Vienna. This romantic city is filled with world-class museums, ornate cafes, and whimsical architecture that is simply astonishing.

With my 5 Instagrammable places in Vienna you will have the perfect backdrop to showcase the city in all your photos!

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Instagrammable Places In Vienna Map

Here you download all these places to take photos in Vienna to your Google Maps app. Save it so you can have them handy with you so you know where to go!

Beautiful Places To Take Pictures In Vienna

Now you have your map of all these places to take pictures in Vienna. Time for me to show you how beautiful they are. Grab your camera and let’s begin!

1| Karlskirche (St. Charles Church)

St. Charles Church by far defines the beauty of Vienna. In my opinion, it is one of the top photo sites in Vienna to capture that perfect Instagram picture. The turquoise dome and massive pillars will just make you swoon!

Unless you arrive early you can pretty you can much find people grazing around all day cause the church’s architecture is stunning.

  • Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9 AM-6 PM. On Sundays,  Karskiche is open until 7 PM.
  • Admission: St. Charles Church cost €8, which includes the panoramic lift.
  • Directions: To get to Karlskirche hop on the metro and exit Karlsplatz. You won’t be able to miss this church outside of the metro. Immediately you can spot that huge turquoise dome. 

2| St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the best Vienna Instagram spots that can be found in the heart of the city, Stephenplatz. The colossal size of this 137-meter-high Gothic church is simply mind-blowing.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is Vienna’s most iconic landmark and most visited attraction. The inside is equally stunning as well. 

I arrived a few hours before closing and there were hoards of tourists. Literally, I was getting pushed through the arched doorway, but crowds pretty much get dispersed once you get inside.

Like any popular tourist attraction, the best time to arrive is early to avoid the crowds.

  • Hours: Doors are open every day from 9 AM-5:30 PM. Last entry to the towers is 30 minutes prior to closing. Holiday hours vary, so check in advance if visiting then. 
  • Admission: You can tour the inside of St. Stephen’s Cathedral for free, but it costs for the tower. For a panoramic view of Vienna hit up the tower and. you can reach the top by stairs (343 steps) for €5 or the elevator for €6.
  • Directions: You can easily arrive at St. Stephen’s Cathedral by taking the metro and exiting Stephenplatz, the main square in Vienna. Once you exit the metro station you cannot miss this gigantic cathedral!

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3| Danube Canal Promenade

So, let’s go off the beaten path and see a side of town the locals go to, the Danube Canal Promenade. This is one of the most unique places to take photos in Vienna. Along the canal, walls are graffitied with splashes of various colors from some of Vienna’s most talented locals.

This promenade is a great spot to visit for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Best of all it’s free to stroll and view all the murals while strolling along the canal. 

  • Hours: 24/7- Just watch out for harsh lighting since it can be the death of your photos.
  • Admission: Danube Canal is free to visit and go any time of day you prefer.
  • Directions: If you are taking the metro around the city, you can reach the promenade by exiting at the Schwedenplatz Station.

4| Vienna Prater

Me looking at the Viennese Giant Ferris wheel at Vienna Prater. One of the funniest places to take pictures in Vienna
Ferris wheel at Vienna Prater

Vienna Prater is another one of the photo sites in Vienna that is extraordinary and is Vienna’s most famous park!

Snap some photos on the 100-year-old Viennese Giant Ferris wheel an awesome Vienna Instagram spot to add to your grid.

I found this amusement park to be pretty congested in the afternoon, but I am sure it stays crowded all day. Especially during the winter holiday.

  • Hours: Vienna Prater is open Monday to Thursday 12 PM-10 PM, Fridays 11:30 AM-10:30 PM, and Saturdays 11 AM-11 PM. Holiday hours may affect opening hours. So check with your concierge if you arrive during the holidays.
  • Admission: Prater Vienna is free to walk around! But, if you are looking for a quick thrill on the rides it does cost. You can book your tickets in advance here.
  • Directions: Getting to Prater is super easy. Just hop on the metro and exit Prater, it cannot be missed! Lookout for the massive Ferris wheel when you leave the station.

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5| Metro Train Stations

Alrighty now we’ve reached the last of the photo sites in Vienna. This one may seem a tad bit strange, but an awesome Vienna Instagram spot is the metro station.  Vienna’s metro stations are slick, modern, and very colorful.

Before and after working hours expect the metro to be pretty packed. Some metro stations will also be a little busier than others.

You might want to skip Stephenplatz, it is the main square and usually stays packed! Pick a metro away from tourist hotspots. Some of my favorites were Ottakring and Zieglergasse.

  • Hours: No need to arrive super early. Vienna’s subway lines operate 24/7. So if you like one metro station during all your Instagram runs, monitor the stations when the crowds have calmed a little. 
  • Admission: You do have to buy your metro ticket to get a photo by the metro rails or any signs. I recommend getting a Vienna city card here. You will have access to the metro, trams, buses, and discounts on attractions!

More Places To Take Pictures In Vienna

If you’re not pressed for time and happen to have more than one day in Vienna, here is a list of some other places to take pictures in Vienna during your visit.

Vienna Opera House

The Vienna Opera House is probably one of the most popular Vienna Instagram spots. Since I know you’re probably aware of this famous Instagram spot, no need for me to mention it above.

SKY Restaurant & Bar

Sky Restaurant & Bar is a beautiful loungy restaurant and bar located on the top floor of a department store in Stephenplatz. It has one beautiful patio with a breathtaking view of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

I was super excited to sit on the patio, but to be honest the staff was extremely rude and refused to give us a table. Give the lounge a try though, maybe you will have a better experience. 

Belvedere Museum

Belvedere Museum is another one of the beautiful places to take pictures in Vienna. It’s a lavish Baroque-style palace that would make a stunning background in your photo. Belvedere is also known for its paintings, fountains, and magnificent sculptures. 

Final Thoughts On Places To Take Pictures In Vienna

Now you have the 5 best places to take pictures in Vienna, plus a few extra thrown into the mix. Let me know which of these Instagraammable places in Vienna woulld you visit first? Don’t forget to enjoy this city. Discover fun things to do and see with my Vienna travel guide.

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