6 Awesome Copenhagen Photo Spots For Instagram

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It’s no secret one of the top places to visit in Denmark is Copenhagen. This city has scenery that will have you swooning over it’s European charm. I have listed some of the prettiest places in Copenhagen for you to capture beautiful pictures. Keep reading and find out Copenhagen photo spots for your Instagram.

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Nyhavn Canal and text that reads 6 Instagram spots in Copenhagen.

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1| Nyhavn River

Picture of the painted houses along the Nyhavn Canal.

One of my favorites and best places to take pictures in Copenhagen is Nyhavan Canal, a beautiful waterfront aligned with multicolored Danish homes occupied with adorable shops, restaurants, and cafes. It is one of the most popular Copenhagen photo spots. 

me posing at the painted houses along the Nyhavn Canal.

The scenery is absolutely stunning and makes the ultimate backdrop for any photo.

Due to its popularity you can expect tourists everywhere, but don’t let that stop you from taking your photos. Everyone seemed pretty respectful.

If you prefer not to stop intermittently, best time to arrive would be early morning at sunrise.

Nyhavn is free and open all day so no need to press for time getting there.

Just go during daylight so you can capture the painted homes and the canal.

To reach Nyhavn Canal by metro you can take the M1, M2, M3, or M4 line and exit Kongens Nytrov. Right when you step out of the metro station just walk straight ahead and you will see the home.

2| The Round Tower

Another one of the top photos spots in Copenhagen, in my opinion of course is The Round Tower. Here you can also catch a panoramic view Copenhagen.

Me looking outside a window at The Round Tower in Copenhagen.

The Round Tower is one of the oldest observatories still working in Europe. The minimalistic interior, white walls, and pale wooden floors is simply astonishing.

Before you reach the final ascent to the tower you will walk around the ramp 7 1/2 times before reaching the stairs to catch a bird’s eye view of Copenhagen.

During my visit the observatory was congested when I arrived at noon. Better to arrive when doors open to snap uninterrupted photos. If you’re unable to arrive to The Round Tower early, you may just have to pause every now and then to snap your photos. Most people were pretty patient since they wanted to take the same photos.

The Round Tower is open from 10AM-6PM. Tuesday and Wednesday the tower stays open until 9PM. But, arrive during the day when there is light so your pictures can truly capture the crispness of the inside.

If you arrive to Copenhagen during winter the sunsets around 3PM so watch your time. Admission to enter the tower is around  20DKK (3-USD)

You can reach the tower in a breeze by taking the M1 or M2  lines and exiting at the Nørreport stop. From there it is a 5-minute walk to reach the tower. 

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3| Strøget

Not too far off from Nyhavn is one of our other Copenhagen photos spots, Strøget Street, the city center with all the action. Strøget is a pedestrian only road filled with lots of shopping and one of the longest streets all over Europe! 

Besides all the shopping and dining there are beautiful streets off the beaten path. 

Purposefully take a wrong turn and there are a lot of charming alleys with cobblestone paths and buildings splashed with pale blues, yellows, and even neon pinks!

Take your pick on the many side roads from Strøget to snap a photo for your Instagram.  

Strøget is a major hotspot in the city, you will find it pretty much stays crowded. But, you’re going away from the action so no rush to get there and take pictures.

You can wonder around Strøget, for free all day.  

To arrive you can take a quick walk from the Nyhavn or take the M1 or M2 and exit at Gammel Strand. 

4| Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens

One of the prettiest places in Copenhagen to take pictures is Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens.

Sadly during my visit the garden inside was closed due to the holiday, but from looking at photos it looks absolutely astonishing.

But, if you find yourself with my luck, the outside is still worth visiting. A beautiful mansion and waterfront on the landscape will still make a beautiful photo.

If you are fortunate enough to see the inside there is a Butterfly House built in the Summer of 2018. Supposedly you can catch butterflies fluttering all around the garden, which sounds ah-mazing for your gram.

It was pretty quiet when I arrived around 10AM, maybe because of the Christmas holiday. I would assume like any location, arriving early is key to avoiding long lines and people photobombing your snaps! 

Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens is open daily from 8:30AM-4PM. Admission to enter is 60-DKK, which is less than 9-USD. 

Take lines M1 or M3 and exit Nørreport to arrive at the botanical garden.

5| Superkilen Park

Superkilen Park is one of the most unique Copenhagen photo spots. It is a funky hip skate park that expands half a mile long and is one of the best places to take pictures in Copenhagen.  

Superkilen is located in the Nørrebro District, more of the urban side of Copenhagen. It officially opened in June 2012 with a driven purpose to unite locals and refugees. 

This public park quickly became a major tourist attraction in Copenhagen. Some of the features here include monkey bars, slides, skateboard ramps, swings, and bike lanes to encourage physical activity and support community gatherings.

One of the most popular areas of the park are the skateboard ramps. When I posted a picture from this location I received so many messages on Instagram asking the location. White squiggly lines certainly make for one unique snap! 

Picture of Superkilen Park

Superkilen is pretty darn popular, so expect it to be crowded and arrive early.

No charge to enter the park and it is open 24/7. 

To reach Superkilen Park by metro, take line M3 and exit Nørrebro. Take a right when you leave the station and it is about a 5-minute walk from there.

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6| Freetown Christiania

One of the places to visit in Denmark is Freetown Christiania also referred to as “The Green Light District.” Christiania is it’s own city from the colorful and quaint Copenhagen you have been snapping photos of all day. You won’t find that here, but it is one of the most interesting Copenhagen photo spots.

me standing outside of a colorfully painted house in Christiania

The first settlers in Freetown Christiania date back to 1971. Locals conform to the beliefs of collectivism, anarchy, squatter beliefs, and the hippy movement.

Residents don’t consider themselves part of the country or even the continent. As far as rules they have a few- violence, stealing, and hard drugs are not permitted. Marijuana is banned in Copenhagen, but people living in the neighborhood, have their own rules. 

If you want to take some photos of the unique street art inside the community, be cautious. Most of the places inside indicate photos are not permitted and taking pictures on Pusher Street is banned. 

Basically, you can capture an Instagram photo at the colorful green house that greets you at the gate.

Admission is free to enter Freetown Christiania and it’s open 24/7. BUT, I suggest going during daylight hours.

There were lots of people walking around and everyone even locals was extremely friendly. Not once did I feel unsafe strolling around the commune in daylight. As a female, I would be hesitant at night. 

Freetown Christiania can be reached on the metro lines M1 or M2 and getting off at the Christianshavn stop. You will have to walk down about a quarter of a mile to reach this unique ‘city.’


Although you are bound to find more picturesque gems along your route, in my opinion, these were some of the prettiest places in Copenhagen I discovered. Add these Copenhagen photo spots to a Google Maps trip planner so you have these places handy. Also, find out the best places to eat and things to do in my Copenhagen travel guide during your visit. Don’t forget these Copenhagen Instagram captions to use for your photos.

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  1. Margarida Vasconcelos

    Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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      I hope you make it there too soon. It is one amazing city!

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    Love Copenhagen, it’s such a beautiful city!

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    Copenhagen looks so beautiful! I love how many fun places you found to take pics. Round Tower is so neat inside!! And that Freetown painted building is awesome.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Copenhagen is one beautiful city. The Round Tower is stunning on the inside!

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    Awesome places, I live in Denmark so I know all those places in detail. Glad you like Copenhagen

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    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      It is a park to visit if you find yourself in Copenhagen. Thanks for the compliment on my hat!

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    Wow! have no words to express how beautifully you have described the beauty of Copenhegan. It’s wonderful and I’m already in love with the place.


    1. Chrissy

      Thank you so much for reading. It is such a beautiful place and I honestly felt I didn’t have the words to describe it’s beauty. I hope you get to visit one day soon. It quickly became one of my favorite cities!

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