Howdy cowboys and cowgirls! Heading to the Wild Wild West and wanna know the best places to take pictures in Dallas? It’s not overrun with cattle farms and cowboys as you might think, but they are there.

As a previous local I can tell you where to take pictures in Dallas to capture that perfect Instagram, family, or engagement photo. Grab your camera y’all and let me show you the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

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Where Are The Best Places To Take Pictures In Dallas

1| Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is definitely one of the most artsy places in Dallas. This district is filled with graffiti art, talented local musicians, tattoo shops, vintage clothing stores, and stellar restaurants. Deep Ellum has some of the best murals in Dallas and are on every block in this neighborhood. It is one of my favorite places to take pictures in Dallas.

Me poising in front of The Traveling Man sculpture one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 605 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75226

One of the famous Dallas sites in Deep Ellum to visit is The Traveling Man. This sculpture is made of stainless steel and stands a whopping 40-feet. You can find him striking varying poses around a few locations throughout this neighborhood.

Me posing in front of a wall mural in Deep Ellum that says "stay on on the bright side."

Location: 2801 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226

One of the top Deep Ellum photo spots is the hip restaurant Stirr. This restaurant has so many Instagrammable quotes written on the walls and the stairs that make awesome photo ops. Stirr is one of the many pretty places in Dallas to take pictures that you’re going to love.

Deep Ellum definitely gets packed at night with streets resembling a cattle herd, yeehaw! So arrive early morning so you’re able to get that uninterrupted Instagrammable photo. There is no entrance fee to walk around Deep Ellum, so save that money for some of the good places to eat. I do suggest trying Anvil Pub, Cane Rosso, Pecan Lodge, and Stirr to appease that belly after all your hard work. You sure do deserve it!

2| Oak Cliff

Oak Cliff has been one thriving neighborhood since I left Dallas in 2008. This laid back area is now home to numerous gastropubs, wine bars, appetizing restaurants, and dives. On this side of the hood are a plethora of trendy and antique cafes to capture that would make a beautiful photo for your Instagram grid or any other special occasion photo.

Me posing on side rail at Internet Cafe  2 one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas is at this  Oak Cliff cafe.

Location: 1333 Plowman Ave, Dallas, TX 75203

One venue you must visit for a photo is Internet Café 2. It is saturated with bright pink and sea foam green to spunk and add color for a pretty backdrop. Don’t expect to go inside to grab a latte as a prop though. In 2018 the trendy cafe closed and I’m not sure how long it will remain standing. So hurry and go get some snaps in.

me posing outside of Emporium Pies one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 314 N Bishop Ave, Dallas, TX 75208

Bishop Arts District is a tiny section embedded within Oak Cliff that is definitely a must see to capture some cute photos in Dallas. Lots of restaurants, mid-century modern furniture stores, vintage clothing boutiques, and handcrafted soaps and candles are aligned all along the streets. This rustic little district definitely has a lot of character.

One place I do recommend you stop by for a photoshoot is Emporium Pies, which is a bakery tucked inside the adorable cottage pictured above. Arrive early when doors open if you are wanting to capture uninterrupted photos at this delightful bakery. It gets extremely crowded and lines circle around the block. Grab a slice of pie when done and I suggest ordering the Smooth Operator!

One of the must-see top places to visit in Dallas is the Bishop Arts District. It’s saturated with charming buildings and other picturesque places to snap a photo.

Bishop Arts District if free to stroll around, just arrive early, especially on weekends if you prefer an uninterrupted photo shoot. Arriving around sunrise is a great time to beat the crowds.

If you do get hungry, so grab a bite to eat at Emporium Pies, Boulevardier, and Eno’s Side Dough.

3| Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge

In my opinion, Dallas has one of the most stunning skylines I have ever seen. No matter how many times I have seen the Dallas skyline it still gives me goosebumps, every visit always feels like the first.

Me looking at the Dallas skyline and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 101 Continental Ave, Dallas, TX 75207

One of the most scenic places in Dallas, of course in my opinion is from the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge. This is where you can catch the best view of the Dallas skyline for an amazing backdrop in your photos.

Across this bridge you can view the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and admire its stunning architecture and of course the Dallas skyscrapers. Do not leave without capturing a photo of yourself with the Dallas skyline! It is one of the best places to take pictures in Downtown Dallas.

The perfect time to snap a photo is sunrise. There aren’t too many people there around those hours. Morning you will find a few exercisers, but they won’t get in your way.

Across the street from the bridge is Trinity Groves. There are numerous restaurants and retail stores to snap some extra photos if you like. If you’re feeling hungry Trinity Groves has plenty of delicious restaurants. So many to choose from, everything from barbecue to sushi! Some of my favorites include Cake Bar and Amberjax Fish Market Grille.

4| Magnolias Sous Le Pont

Me posing outside of Magnolias Sous Le Pont cafe, one of the cutest places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 2727 N Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

If you are looking for cute places to take pictures in Dallas you’re going to love Magnolias Sous Le Point. It is one of the Downtown Dallas attractions that will transport you to France. This adorable Parisian inspired bistro has a stunning bright turquoise exterior and outside sitting resembling the cafes in Paris.

There isn’t a fee to enter this café, but I do suggest you have some manners and order a latte if you plan on doing a few photo ops. Best time to go would be after the morning and lunch crowd. The café is open until 7pm so you have plenty of time!

5| Chapel Of Thanksgiving

Me posing and looking up at the winding stained glass inside of Thanksgiving Tower.

Location: 1601 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75202

One of my favorite places to take pictures in Dallas is at the Chapel of Thanksgiving. This chapel is in the center of all the action in Downtown Dallas. The chapel’s interior is absolutely stunning and has a winding stained glass window that leads to the top.

To get inside the chapel walk up the stairs that lead to the mini bridge outside. Photos are allowed, but be respectful and quiet for those praying inside. I know you’re an adult, just use your judgment if it’s appropriate to take any photos at the moment.

Doors of the Chapel of Thanksgiving are open everyday from 11am-3pm. There isn’t an admission fee and best time to go would be when it opens.

If you decide to grab a bite to eat after, stop by Zenna, Americano, and Overeasy. These were some of my favorites to dine when I lived downtown.


6| Dallas Farmer’s Market

Me posing while flipping my hair outside of the Dallas Farmer's Market one of the unique places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 920 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

Fill up your Instagram feed with rustic charm at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. Inside and outside of the market are lots of adorable shops to take photos.

Across the street from the Farmer’s Market is Ruibal’s Plants of Texas, which is another great spot to take some additional pictures. It’s one of the many beautiful places to take pictures in Dallas. Ruibal’s has a nursery filled with colorful pottery, flowers, and tropical plants.

Another one of the cute places to take pictures in Dallas is the Garden Shop attached to Ruibal’s. Do not leave the nursery before checking it out. You’re going to love all the boho vibes inside.

Posing in the middle of the street in Downtown Dallas by the Dallas Farmer's Market.

Location: 920 S Harwood St, Dallas, TX 75201

It’s totally free to enter the farmer’s market or nursery. You may spend a bucks buying some of the market’s delicious food or a beautiful plant.

The market is open Monday-Saturday from 9am-5pm. And Sundays opening hours are 10am-5pm. Arrive early if you are visiting during the weekend. I suggest heading up to the market right when they open because it tends to get extremely busy.

7| Klyde Warren Park

Me posing under the archways at Klyde Warren Park one of the best places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 2012 Woodall Rodgers Fwy, Dallas, TX 75201

Klyde Warren Park is a little slice of Central Park in the middle of Downtown and one of my favorite places to take pictures in Dallas.

The 5-acre park is surrounded by skyscrapers sitting above the Woodall Rogers Freeway. If you cannot hit up all the locations recommended, this is the one of the places you should see in Dallas. The park has beautiful white archways and a lush green landscape during Spring and Summer.

Klyde Warren Park is totally free! If you prefer your pictures not to have any people, go early. It’s a popular spot for locals to hangout and gets busy fairly quickly. Don’t rush to leave, food trucks arrive around 11am so stay and grab a bite to eat.

8| The Adolphus Hotel

Me posing while sipping on a latte at The Otto cafe inside the Adolphus Hotel one of the top places to take pictures in Dallas.

Location: 1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75202

The Adolphus Hotel is one of the places to take pictures in Dallas that truly captures the vibes of downtown. It’s an upscale hotel fused with Mid-cCentury modern and fabulous chic decor.

Otto Coffee And Fine Foods is a moody cafe located inside the hotel. The interior is simply sleek with beautiful white marble countertops and wood paneled walls.

You are able to walk inside the Adolphus Hotel, the lobby is absolutely stunning! The blue velvet furniture and marbled floors make this entrance exquisite.

There really isn’t a good time to go since it is a hotel since lobbies usually have continuous traffic. Just avoid checkout and checkin hours which is typically around 11am and at 3pm.

9| Highland Park Village

Me posing on the Spanish influenced stairs at Highland Park Village in Dallas

Location: 47 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205

Highland Park Village is an adorable upscale shopping plaza located North of Downtown Dallas. The plaza’s architecture is Spanish influenced making it the perfect backdrop to transform you to Spain. For a unique Instagram photo, check out their 1950’s styled movie theater or quaint little restaurants for a perfect click.

The shopping plaza is located outside, so you will be able to go before or after hours and it’s free to walk around. Like anywhere you go for photos arriving early is the best time to beat the crowds.

If you get hungry after, head on over to Honor Bar for the best burger you will ever eat in your entire life! I am not kidding either.

10| Royal Blue Grocery

One of the best places to take pictures in Dallas is Royal Blue Cafe and picture of me posing outside the front door.

Location: 1800 Main St Suite 124, Dallas, TX 75201

Downtown Dallas reminds me a lot of New York, but of course mini sized version. A popular spot frequented by locals is the Royal Blue Grocery off of Main Street in Downtown Dallas. This corner grocery is a Dallas staple and an Instagrammable spot outside and on the inside.

Downtown Dallas gets busy with people and heavy traffic during the work week. If you arrive early you can avoid getting interrupted constantly by people and cars.

The café is open everyday from 7am-midnight. Avoid the morning and lunch crowds for picture taking. Since the café is open pretty late, you should have plenty of time to get that Insta-worthy shot!

That’s A Wrap On Best Places To Take Pictures In Dallas

You’re going to have some awesome Instagram or special occasion photos with these top places to take pictures in Dallas. If you do get time some other exquisite neighborhoods to checkout are Uptown, Harwood, Design District, Reunion Tower, and Southside.

Enjoy your visit to Dallas and I know you will capture some beautiful photos!

Check out the map below of all the best places to take pictures in Dallas and to get your grub on while there!

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