Top Munich Photo Spots For Your Instagram

Picture of me at St. Peter's Tower one of the top Munich photo spots.

Taking a trip to Bavaria’s capital and wanna know some awesome Munich photo spots? Listed below I have 6 best places to take pictures in Munich that are perfect for your Instagram.

Keep reading and find out these amazing Munich photo spots to snap some pictures! Hurry up, grab your camera and let’s go! 

Picture of old town and text that reads Munich Instagram spots.

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Top Munich Photo Spots

1|Munich Residenz 

One of the most popular and super famous Instagram spots to take pictures in Munich is Munich Residenz, the largest palace all over Germany.  From 1508 to 1918 the Munich Residenz was the home for the Bavarian dukes, government officials, electors, and kings. 

In the 1920s it became open to the public for viewing and I am so happy it did. Munich Residenz is ah-mazing and absolutely gorgeous on the inside. Opulent ceiling paintings, a mixture of  Baroque and Renaissance architecture, lavish furniture, and displays from the former royal collection make it a perfect place to capture a photo.

There are a total of 130-rooms to view inside, so you may not get to them all. The show stopper and most Instrammable location inside the palace  is the Antiquarium.

It’s a hallway extending 66-meters and is oldest room inside the Munich Residenz. Antiquarim is known to be the largest and swankiest halls north of the Alps.

Exquisite antique sculptures align the walls and windows are intricately painted with 102-views of places dating back to the Duchy of Bavaria. 

To miss a long line to enter, arrive when the doors open. It is also a great time to catch an empty Antiquarim, one of the top photo spots in Munich.

I arrived at the museum around noon and I was waiting for awhile for the hallway to slightly clear from tour groups and tourists. Just avoid having time wasted like me and get your tushy there when the doors open. 

Address: Residenzstraße 1, 80333 München, Germany
Hours: From April 18th to October 18th the museum is open from 9AM to 6PM. Last entry is at 5PM. If you are visiting between October 19th to March Munich Residenz you can visit from 10AM to 5PM. Hurry up and get there because the last entry is at 4PM. 
Admission: Entry into Munich Residenz will cost you €8.

2| St. Peter’s Tower (Alter Peter)

Catch an aerial view of Munich from St. Peter’s Tower. Definitely this is one of the best photo locations in Munich for your Instagram!

Me at St. Peter's Tower looking over Munich

St. Peter’s Church is the oldest parish church in Munich and a stunning landmark in the city. The church is located in Munich’s oldest square Marientplatz, most of the photo spots will be around here. 

You can reach the top of the tower by climbing 306 extremely narrow and wobbly stairs, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Once you reach the top and see the panoramic view of Munich you will forget about the near death experience you had climbing the stairs. Stunning pictures can be captured in the 91-meter high tower . It’s a great spot to capture photos of New Town Hall which is impossible on ground level.  

Get to St Peter’s Tower when it opens since the line to enter gets long fairly quickly and the steps to the tower gets super crammed.

Have your camera and settings ready, you gotta be really quick if crowds are around.

View of Munich's square from St. Peter's Tower.

Address: Rindermarkt 1, 80331 München, Germany
Hours: St Peter’s Tower has some varying hours based on the season. Summer hours are Monday through Friday 9AM-6:30PM. Saturday to Sunday and holidays opening hours are from 10AM-6PM. The winter hours are Monday through Friday 9AM-5:30PM. You can visit Saturday through Sunday and holidays from 10AM-5:30PM. Just an extra tip,  last entrance into the tower is 30-minutes prior to closing. 
Admission: The cost to enter St Peter’s Tower is €3- for adults and for students it is a whopping €2.  

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3| Bavarian State Opera 

The Bavarian State Opera, is near Munich Residenz, which they are actually neighbors. So it is super easy to squeeze both places in for an Instagram photo!

This spot is an architectural highlight in Munich and boy does it have a history that needs to be told! First built between 1811-1818 and burned to the ground 5-years after it’s completion.

Two years later it was rebuilt before being destroyed again in 1943 during an air raid. Germans don’t give up so easily! In 1963 the Bavarian State Opera was reconstructed again for the 3rd time. Thankfully, there hasn’t been anymore issues. 

The neoclassical architecture and the 8-white colossal columns in the front of the building makes this the perfect Instagram spot.

To take pictures inside you need to purchase a guided tour or an opera ticket to see behind those doors. Check out the details regarding pricing and where you can purchase tours or tickets to see an opera below!

Address: Max-Joseph-Platz 2, 80539 München, Germany
Hours: To view the inside it is with a guided tour or during a performance. 
Admission: You can have a guided tour of the inside for  €10 or €5 for students. You can purchase tickets online here. If time permits, which it didn’t for me, check out a German opera. Here you can view ticket pricing  and availability. 

4| Viktualienmarkt

Of course no trip to Germany would be complete without a photo taking a bite of a pretzel, it’s one of those things to do in Munich while there. Stop by the Viktualienmarkt which is located near St. Peter’s Tower to pick up your oversized pretzel. 

Me holding a pretzel at Viktualienmarkt

Viktualienmarkt is a bustling and popular farmer’s market filled with fresh produce, succulent meats, frothy beer steins filled to the rim, and of course chewy pretzels. So get your pretzel and strike a pose anywhere in or near the market for that super Instagrammy photo. 

If you prefer not to head to the farmer’s market you can find places all around Munich to grab a yummy pretzel. They are conveniently located on every corner like McDonald’s in the States. What better way to say you’re in Germany then holding that delicious piece of salty dough!

The market does get busy pretty quickly. If you prefer a photo op without people photo bombing your picture (like mine above), then arrive early to Viktualienmarkt.  

Address: Viktualienmarkt 3, 80331 München, Germany
Hours: Viktualienmarkt is open Monday through Saturday from 8AM-6PM. In the summer you can catch the beer garden from 9AM-10PM. 
Admission: It is free to walk through Viktualienmarkt. But, the pretzel will cost you some change. You can get the original pretzel or one with cheese! Depending on the pretzel your palate prefers,  it shouldn’t cost you no more than €3. 

5| The Splendid Dollmann

If you have been researching Instagram photo spots in Munich than you know of the Hotel Opera. Well, I decided to opt out and search for another Instrammy spot that was different but still photo worthy.

Another hotel that was simply classy and charming I discovered was the Splendid Dollmann. This is an elegant 19th-century boutique hotel smack dab in the middle of  the historic Lehel district. Exterior has stunning wood green doors, and its name written in glossy gold letters.

Me standing at the front door at one of the top Munich photo spots The Splendid Dollman.

Splendid Dollmann is located on one of the backstreets of Maximilianstraße, which is a popular street in Munich to take a stroll. High end stores such as Armani,  Gucci, and Louis Vuitton can be found here and the window displays are deserving of a visit.

You don’t need to arrive early for this photo spot in Munich. Some cars may drive by or guests may be leaving the hotel, so you may be interrupted briefly. Otherwise, go any time you can squeeze it into your schedule. 

Address: Thierschstraße 49, 80538 München, Germany
Hours: The outside is open 24/7 so no need to rush for that Instagrammy photo op. 
Admission: There is no entry fee to take pictures outside the hotel. You just a little patience for cars or hotel guest that may interfere with you snapping photos. 

6| St. Luke’s Church

And we have finally reached the last of our Instrammy places to take pictures in Munich. On the corner from The Splendid Dollmann you can catch the green onion dome of St. Luke’s Church. The top of St. Luke’s Church is simply memorizing and captures the architectural style of Munich. 

Me posing and looking at the dome of St. Luke's Church

St. Luke’s Church is the largest Protestant church in Munich and built between 1893-1896. If you plan to snap some photos at this corner, don’t rush you can squeeze it in before or after The Splendid Dollman. If you plan to go inside the church arrive early morning to avoid the crowds like anywhere if you’re taking pictures.

Address: To find this perfect photo spot in Munich it is the corner of Thierschstraße and Maximilianstraße. The actual address of St. Luke’s Church is Thierschstraße 28, 80538 München, Germany. 
Hours: The church is open everyday from 10AM-5PM. 
Admission: There is no admission fee to enter St. Luke’s Church or to take pictures outside. 

Tada There’s Your Munich Photo Spots

There you have it peeps! These are some of the best photo locations in Munich that are super Instagrammy. Where are some of your favorite places in Bavaria’s capital? 

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