El Salvador Captions That You Will Fall In Lava With

Looking for some epic El Salvador captions for your Instagram photos? Well, you’re in luck because this is the right spot. Here I have carefully curated a list of funny El Salvador captions, short El Salvador captions, and El Salvador quotes! These El Salvador captions will capture the unforgettable memories you make in this country. 

From active volcanoes, mountains, black sand beaches, and mouth-watering pupusas you will never wanna leave El Salvador. 

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El Salvador Captions

Time to begin with our adventure to the best El Salvador captions perfect for Instagram. 

  • El Salvador, I’m home!
  • P.S. I love you El Salvador. 
  • El Salvador is calling and I must go. 
  • Always say yes to El Salvador. 
  • Remember that time in El Salvador?
  • I’d rather be sad in El Salvador than happy anywhere else. 
  • I left my heart in El Salvador. 
  • Catch sunsets in El Salvador. 
  • Pupusa + Sunsets = Love
  • I’m never leaving El Salvador.
  • Take me to El Salvador.
  • Palm trees, volcanoes, and sunsets. 
  • The good life in El Salvador.
  • El Salvador may be tiny, but the people have the biggest heart. 

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Funny El Salvador Puns

  • We always have a blast in El Salvador.
  • El Salvador you’re so lavable
  • El Salvador I lava you. 
  • I don’t want to go to El Salvador, said no Juan ever. 
  • El Salvador you rock!
  • Let’s int-erupt our routine and fly away to El Salvador.
  • El Salvador makes my heart melt.
  • Always a blast in El Salvador.
  • I always overreact when I land in El Salvador. 
  • I’m in lava with pupusas!

Short El Salvador Captions

  • El Salvadorian vibes. 
  • Sunsets in El Salvador.
  • Hola El Salvador. 
  • El Salvador photo dump!
  • El Salvador, let’s go!
  • Good vibes in El Salvador. 
  • Paradise found. 
  • El Salvador always. 
  • Mi amor El Salvador. 
  • El Salvador love. 
  • Adventures in El Salvador.
  • Memories in El Salvador.
  • Current mood: pupusa!

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El Salvador Instagram Captions

  • I need a dose of El Salvador. 
  • Watching a sunrise in El Salvador.
  • I found home, it’s in El Salvador. 
  • Living Pura Vida in El Salvador. 
  • El Salvador, where I can let my worries fade. 
  • I found paradise in El Salvador. 
  • Heaven does exist on Earth, it’s called El Salvador.
  • Lost in El Salvador. 
  • Chasing sunsets in El Salvador.
  • Gimme a pupusa!
  • El Salvador, it’s not goodbye, because I will return. 
  • Did someone say pupusa?
  • I haven’t been everywhere on my list, but El Salvador is all I need. 
  • On the hunt for pupusas in El Salvador. 
  • Happiness is eating pupusas in El Salvador. 

El Salvador Quotes 

  • “El Salvador has the scenery of northern California and the climate of southern California plus – and this was a relief – no Californians.” ~ P. J. O’Rourke
  • “I mean, I’m from El Salvador, a third-world country in Central America, and I myself see cities here and say I wouldn’t live here. That would be unthinkable three decades ago, that a Salvadoran wouldn’t want to live in a U.S. main city.” Nayib Bukele
  • “If you liked El Salvador, you’re going to love Colombia. It’s the same death squads, the same military aid, and the same whitewash from Washington.” ~ Carlos Salinas de Gortari
  • “El Salvador is a democracy so it’s not surprising that there are many voices to be heard here. Yet in my conversations with Salvadorans… I have heard a single voice.” ~ Dan Quayle
  • “There’ll always be some weird thing about eating four grapes before you go to bed, or drinking a special tea, or buying this little bean from El Salvador.” ~ Richard Simmons
  • “In my opinion, peace has not come to America, to Nicaragua, or to El Salvador. A hungry people is a people without peace. If the demands of the people are not met, what kind of peace are we talking about?” ~ Rigoberta Menchu
  • “I think the difference between El Salvador and Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua you had a popular insurrection, and in El Salvador you had a revolution.” ~ Bianca Jagger

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