18 Antigua, Guatemala Restaurants That Are Super Tasty

Looking for some awesome Antigua, Guatemala restaurants? Antigua is an incredible place to discover new flavors and food combinations you might never have thought of, as well as enjoy a good drink in a stunning-themed spot. If you’re planning a trip to Guatemala and want to visit Antigua, this post will come in handy.

Below you can find 18 unique Antigua, Guatemala restaurants that offer the best food, including traditional diners, cafés, and bars, so you can create your own list of places you must visit or use this as your tour guide.

Get to know the best places to eat in Antigua to enjoy a tasty traditional dish. Be ready to get hungry, take notes, and let’s get started.

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Best Antigua, Guatemala Restaurants

Time to dive into all the tastiest Antigua, Guatemala restaurants. This guide will definitely satisfy your belly during your visit.

Ta’Cool Taco Shop 

Ta’Cool Taco Shop is one of the top Antigua, Guatemala restaurants to visit.

Located at 6th Avenue North Antigua and 6th Avenue 4th Antigua Street, is a Mexican restaurant that offers some of the best food in Antigua, Guatemala.

Vegan options are also available so there’s no excuse not to visit this amazing location. Ta’Cool is known for its Thursday offers where margaritas are 2×1 as well as special tacos.

By far one of the best restaurants in Guatemala that you must visit at least once.

Angie Angie CafeArte

Located at 1st South Avenue 11A, Angie Angie CafeArte is a very well-known Italian place that counts as one of the most chosen romantic restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala.

Providing tourists and locals with excellent pizzeria-style food as well as a bar, this place is a must on every visitor’s list that comes to Guatemala.

Angie Angie CafeArte also has vegetarian options available, and the food is very affordable, though there are several options for those wishing to spend a little more money on a tasty meal.

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La Tasca Madrileña

For Spanish food lovers, La Tasca Madrileña offers true Mediterranean dishes and some of the best food in Antigua, Guatemala.

Located at 5th Poniente Street and 6th North Avenue, La Tasca Madrileña has affordable prices and a menu worth trying out completely.

A touch of Madrid in Antigua is everything you need to add some spice —and taste— to your trip to Guatemala.

They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and unique drinks all with that well-known Spanish taste.


As you might be thinking, Fridas is a Mexican restaurant in Antigua that pays tribute to one of the greatest painters of all time, Frida Kahlo.

It is located at 5th North Avenue #29 Santa Catalina’s Arc and features colorful dishes that will spark creativity within you the minute you set eyes on them. 

Typical days such as Taco Tuesday are a great time to come visit this place and enjoy the beautiful and unique environment; prices are affordable and there are many different menu options for every taste.

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Bocetos Café

For sure one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala, and the most creative in tourists’ opinion. Bocetos Café is a themed restaurant featuring sketches on the wall and furniture that provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for visitors.

Bocetos Café can be found at 4th South Avenue, providing excellent treats and the best coffee in town. It is a great place to take pictures and enjoy some of Antigua’s best places to eat.

El Sabor del Tiempo

History aficionados will love El Sabor del Tiempo due to its incredible story and ambiance.

It is located at 5th Avenue 3rd Poniente Street and offers traditional Latin dishes and impressive historic furniture and pieces that always attract tourists.

Prices are affordable and the place looks almost like a library of how the wines and beverages are displayed.

El Sabor del Tiempo is one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala that you shouldn’t miss for anything in the world.

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Las Palmas

With great music, excellent food, and the best vibes in town, Las Palmas restaurant is a true Antigua relic that knows how to deliver a wonderful time.

Located at 6th North Avenue #14 between 4th and 5th, Las Palmas offers Latin and Spanish dishes as well as a great night out with its unique improvised dance floor in the middle of the place.

Las Palmas is listed on many websites as one of the top romantic restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala, so if you’re thinking about traveling to Guatemala with a special someone, Las Palmas is a place that you must stop by.

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27 Adentro

A Latin restaurant with unique architecture and Instagram-worthy dishes, 27 Adentro is a wonderful restaurant that everyone who visits Antigua must stop by.

It is located at 4th Oriente Street #14 La Fuente and serves true Latin and Caribbean options as well as cocktails and wines.

27 Adentro is a chill space to enjoy a tasty meal while discovering some of Latin America’s traditions, as well as engaging in some light dancing activities. I do suggest ordering the Camarones and Mofongo that will appease your tastebuds.

This place is known for offering the best food in Antigua, Guatemala at the ideal prices.


Art gallery meets restaurant in Alex Ferrar’s dream come to life at Sobremesa, a unique place dedicated to serving excellent dishes and the best works of art.

Sobremesa is located at 4th Oriente Street #4 and serves a fusion of Italian and French food combinations, thanks to the owner’s heritage, mixed with new flavors and special touches.

Sobremesa is one of the best romantic restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala to have a great meal and take a look at incredible works of art in a relaxed and modern environment.

El Comalote

Last on the list we have El Comalote, a traditional Guatemalan restaurant that serves the best tortillas you could ever wish for.

It is located at 4th Oriente Street and features homemade tortillas and salsa, ideal for those who want to enjoy a tasty local meal at home or on the go.

Cheeses are also available, made by the place as well, and are a great addition to your tortilla and salsa combination.

A true Antigua restaurant that showcases traditional dishes and the best flavors in town.

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San Martín

San Martín, located at 5th Esquina Avenue and 6th Oriente Street, offers the widest selection of dishes from this list, including restaurant food and pastries. It is one of the best breakfasts in Antigua, Guatemala.

It is a great place to go with family due to its large menu with many different options for every taste. 

San Martín pastries are a true must-try that includes delicious banana pancakes, stational fruits, and french toast.

The place also has a gift shop, a catering service for events, and a market so you can purchase the ingredients of your favorite dishes.

The Whiskey Den

The Whiskey Den And Coffee Bar is Antigua’s go-to place to have a wonderful night out.

It is located at 4th North Avenue #3 and serves Whiskey, single malts, more than 25 different beers, coffee, infusions, and many more exquisite drinks.

It has affordable prices and weekly discounts available so there’s no excuse not to go. A small but cozy place is The Whiskey Den’s most characteristic trait, along with the incredible selection of drinks. 

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Santo Spirito

Another excellent restaurant that serves the best Italian cuisine in Antigua, Santo Spirito focuses on delivering top-class dishes in a home-like environment. Located at 5th Oriente Street, Santo Spirito offers European food, more specifically Italian and Mediterranean, that drives visitors crazy. 

Santo Spirito is one of Antigua’s best restaurants to try new dishes and discover some of the world’s best foods.

Prices are affordable and there are always some offers available such as 2×1 or discount rates depending on the day of the week.

Porta Hotel Antigua

Pool view from Porta Hotel Antigua one of the best known Antigua, Guatemala restaurants.
Porta Hotel

Porta Hotel Antigua, located at 8th Poniente Street #1, is a famous hotel that features a restaurant and a bar.

The Los Moros restaurant features incredible drinks, wines, incredible views, and coffee as well as traditional meals and visitors’ favorite dishes. It is Antigua’s number one restaurant according to the locals.

They are also known to have the tastiest Pepin, which is a traditional Guatemalan soup. I wish I had a bowl right now.

El Conquistador bar, on the other hand, provides first-class cocktails, cold drinks, and the best selection of wines. If you’re stopping by the hotel you should definitely try one of these out.


Get ready to know this place because it will change your life forever. Hobbitenango, located at Antigua Vuelta Grande in Aldea El Hato, is a true movie-like restaurant that features amazing views of clear skies and the greenest mountains.

You can come to visit during the day or discover nature at night, whatever you choose you are guaranteed a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The place features homemade food, traditional from Guatemala, and seasonal specials that are always evolving to make every tourist’s visit unique.

Cafe Stela

Located at 3rd Oriente Street #43, Cafe Stela offers the best breakfast and coffee in town in a wonderfully relaxed environment.

The place is one of the best romantic restaurants in Antigua and will grant you a splendid afternoon surrounded by beautiful furniture and incredible plants.

Cafe Stela is a hidden gem in Antigua that not many people know about but definitely should!

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Cafe Sky

Cafe Sky’s the go-to place to enjoy the best view of Antigua in a rooftop terrace bar, featuring international food combinations, with vegetarian and vegan options too.

It is located at 1st South Avenue #15 and tourists can see all of Antigua while enjoying the most delicious food.

Typical dishes from Guatemala meet international delicacies in a terrace restaurant with the best view you could ever have.

Prices are affordable and Cafe Sky has a wide menu with a special dish for every taste. For sure one of the best places to eat in Antigua.


A healthy restaurant option for those who want to stay on track with their food intake. Located at 6th South Avenue #7, Saberico offers healthy meals along with traditional favorites and vegan/vegetarian options as well.

Saberico is a well-known restaurant in Antigua with excellent service and delicious food at affordable prices. The place is decorated beautifully and has exquisite furniture to give a home-themed style.

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Conclusion: Antigua, Guatemala Restaurants

Antigua, Guatemala has incredible places to go for a bite, including traditional Guatemalan spots and international restaurants that offer Mediterranean, Italian, and American dishes.

All the places mentioned on the list have vegetarian or vegan options available so every member of the family can try out their amazing food combinations.

What’s more, most of these restaurants have weekly discounts or offers such as 10% off and 2×1 on drinks, which are lifesaving deal if you’re on vacation.

Antigua has unique places and food that will make you consider moving there just to enjoy those tasty delicacies every day of your life.

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