8 Antigua, Guatemala Photo Spots Worth Knowing

Every corner in this quiet colonial town is picturesque, but here I have 8 Antigua, Guatemala photo spots to capture that perfect backdrop for your click. 

From mountain views, colorful streets, and enchanting architecture you will want to snap some photos at these beautiful locations I have listed. 

Without further ado let’s discuss the top Antigua, Guatemala photo spots. 

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Antigua, Guatemala Photo Spots

Cafe Sky

I’m always on the hunt for the highest point in a city wherever I go. There is something about catching a new place from a bird’s eye view is simply mesmerizing 

You can catch a different perspective of Antigua and one of the most stunning views of the volcano at Cafe Sky.  

Besides the volcano,  this rooftop bar offers a glimpse of the ruins around, multicolored buildings, and the city’s actions from above.

Cafe Sky has two beautiful locations to capture this colonial town. Of course, you must take a couple of photos on their rooftop bar. Second, before you leave take a trip to the balcony. It has a rustic vibe and shows the enchanting charm of Antigua. 

Make sure to arrive at a decent time during happy hour so you’re able to snag a seat close facing the volcano. 

Address: 1a Avenida Sur 15, Antigua Guatemala 03001

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If you’re up for a hike, Altamira is one of the most stunning Antigua, Guatemala photo locations. 

Located twenty minutes outside of the sleepy town you can be engulfed in the beautiful nature of Guatemala. Here you can catch a memorable glimpse of the whole city. 

Altamira has stunning views of all 3 volcanos surrounding Antigua. 

If you arrive on a weekend expect a long wait for pictures, around 30 minutes or more to snag photos on the two wooden hands located on the property. Be patient, it’s worth the wait for a photo overlooking the mountains that are slightly hidden by the clouds. 

If you make it down the mountain you will find a wooden structure of a man. There is a booth where you can purchase 25- photos taken from a drone for around $20-UDS. 

Address: Aldea el Hato, Vuelta Grande Zone 1, calle al Mirador, lot 11-A, Antigua, Guatemala

Catedral de San Jose

Catedral de San Jose was constructed in 1541 and pretty much wrecked by earthquakes over time.

Catedral de San Jose has impressive massive pillars that lead up to an open archway revealing the open sky. This is one of the most stunning backdrops and was my favorite Antigua, Guatemala photo spot. 

During my visit, I arrived shortly after doors opened and didn’t experience any issues with crowds during picture taking. 

Expect a small entrance fee of less than $5-USD to enter this iconic landmark.

Address: 5a Calle Oriente 5, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Bocestos Cafe 

For a unique Antigua, Guatemala photo spot grab a coffee from the 2D Bocestos Cafe. This cafe is frequented by locals and a must-see during your visit. 

Like a big coloring book, you can find a black and white painting of London’s Big Ben and other unique displays inside. 

Address: 4 Avenida Sur #1, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

The Streets

Antigua offers endless cobblestone streets filled with colorful buildings. I highly suggest getting lost around the town.

 Around every corner, you’re bound to find a beautiful home, restaurant, or business that you will just want to snap a photo. 

Parque Central

Catch a glimpse of Antiguan life at Parque Central, the main square in Antigua. 

Many locals gather at this park to chat with friends, read a book, or just to grab some fresh air. 

Parque Central also has many vendors selling a variety of souvenirs and tours that are worth checking out. 

Address: 4 Avenida Sur, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

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Arco de Santa Catalina

The most popular Antigua, Guatemala photo spot is Arco de Santa Catalina. Built-in 1694 it served as a passageway for nuns to cross between the monastery and school. 

To catch a near-empty street for this landmark it’s a must to arrive early. If you wait too late you can find it pretty much congested with people and cars, making it nearly impossible for a photo. 

Address: 5a Avenida Norte 28, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

Museo del Hermano Pedro

Outside of Museo del Hermano Pedro is a picturesque street to capture Antigua. It makes the perfect backdrop as it’s filled with mountains covered with lush greenery and multicolored buildings. 

Depending on the time of day you can find it empty to take a few photos. Expect occasional interruptions from cars passing by. 

Address: C. de los Pasos and 8 Calle Oriente, Antigua, Guatemala

Final Thoughts On Antigua, Guatemala Photo Locations

These 8 Antigua, Guatemala photo spots are sure to capture the charm of the city. It will be easy to find other picturesque places to take pictures along the route during your visit. So tell me which spot was your favorite in the comments below. 

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      Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post. I hope you get to visit Antigua soon. It’s such a beautiful city and you will enjoy Cafe Sky and Altamira!

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      Thank you so much Bea for your compliments and for reading. So happy you’re tagging along with me on Instagram. Hope you get to visit Antigua soon. It’s such a beautiful town.

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    There are so many pretty spots here to take photos! I wouldn’t know where to start but I’d definitely want to get a photo at all of these locations.

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