12 Panama City Photography Spots

Searching for some stunning Panama City photography spots for your visit? Panama City is a true gem you have to visit at least once in your life. It’s no secret it has incredible landscapes, a stunning skyline, amazing cuisine, and the friendliest people you can find.

If you’re planning a trip to Panama City and need some photo inspiration, this post will come in handy! Below I have the 12 best locations for Panama City, Panama pics that will make your vacation one for the books (or should I say, for the camera roll).

Charge your camera, clean up some space in your phone, and get ready to take some unique Panama City, Panama pictures. Time to get started with the top 12 best Panama City, Panama photography spots to know!

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12 Panama City Photography Spots

Amador Causeway

If you’re traveling to Panama soon, Amador Causeway is by far one of the best Panama City photography spots you must visit. Featuring the bluest water, palm trees, and a beautiful landscape full of boats and yachts, this is definitely the spot to go for those looking to have the most Insta-worthy picture ever. 

Amador Causeway is a 6-kilometer-long road on the side of the Pacific Ocean that connects Panama City to the Causeway Islands. A fun fact to know is that this was built during the excavations from the Panama Canal. A truly historical place perfect for taking your Panama City, Panama pics. 

Cerro Ancón

Ancon Hill, or Cerro Ancón in Spanish, is the most popular viewpoint in Panama City, with views over the Panama Canal, the city center, and Casco Viejo old town region. Here you’ll take some of the most beautiful pictures of Panama!

A true paradisiacal view awaits those who decide to climb up this hill, which I recommend you either do at sunrise or sundown to have a magical experience, but during the day also offers excellent visits as well.

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Plaza Simón Bolívar

Posing at Plaza Simón Bolívar a top place to get pictures of Panama City, Panama.

Plaza Simón Bolívar, also known as Plaza de San Francisco since it is the home of Iglesia San Francisco de Asis, is one of the largest churches in Casco Viejo and an excellent spot to capture beautiful images of Panama. 

Here you can grab a coffee at one of the many cafes and restaurants available. Don’t leave the square without taking the classic touristic picture with the Simón Bolívar monument statue, a Venezuelan military leader and South American hero. 

Plaza Bolívar is featured in many images of Panama as one of the go-to places when visiting the country. You should take a walking tour and take as many pictures as you can. 

The Bridge of Americas

The Thatcher Ferry Bridge, often known as the Bridge of the Americas, is a road bridge in Panama that spans the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.

Finished in 1962 and features a unique vista of the ocean, paired up with the many edifices and skyscrapers found on the horizon.

Taking pictures here is a one-of-a-kind experience you will treasure forever. Since it combines the beauty of the sky, the ocean, and the bridge itself, It’s one of the best Panama City photography spots. 

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Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is the historical district of Panama City you have to take a look at during your stay. If you want to take the best Panama City, Panama pictures, Casco Viejo should be on top of your list. 

It has incredible architectural compositions that are ideal for taking pictures at and with, as well as loads of plants and art all around. Casco Viejo is truly one of the best Panama City photography spots that attract hundreds of tourists every year. Your camera will not be disappointed, that’s for sure. 

Metropolitan Natural Park

The Metropolitan Natural Park is a must-see destination. This nature sanctuary in the midst of a metropolis is the city’s sole wildlife preserve. Also, the only tropical forest to serve as a public recreational park for a metropolitan region.  It’s located right in the heart of Panama City.

If interested in taking some unique Panama City, Panama pics, the Metropolitan Natural Park is the best place to go. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy the company of exotic species in a controlled and safe environment.

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Rooftop Bars

Panama City has some of the world’s finest rooftop bars.  Some of the most visited rooftop bars are Lazotea, at the top of Hotel Casa Panama.  Also Tantalo, at the top of Tantalo Hotel, is located at 8 Street East with B Avenue. 

Here you can capture some of the most beautiful pictures of Panama while having a refreshing drink and staring into the incredible rooftop landscape.

The BioMuseo

BioMuseo is a natural history museum filled with eight galleries with permanent exhibits. Exhibitions focus on ecology and raising social awareness about geology. Also,  the impact we as humans have on the environment.

If you search for images of Panama you’ll probably come across BioMuseo, and you should go there and take a look for yourself. Afar the architecture can be seen, thanks to its impressive composition and bright colors. For sure a scene worth watching and taking a pic of.

JW Marriott Panama

The JW Marriott Panama is by far a stunning place you have to include when getting images of Panama. The view is exquisite and the hotel amenities are ideal for a fancy photoshoot, whether you want to take pictures of yourself or the place alone. 

It has an outdoor pool, where you can also admire the beauty of Panama City’s skyline. You’ll want to take many images of Panama here, I guarantee you that.

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Iglesia Del Carmen

Iglesia del Carmen is one of Panama’s most famous churches you have to tour if you’re searching for the best pictures of Panama City, Panama. The gothic structure and architecture date back a few centuries ago. 

The view is incredible both on the inside and the outside of the church. It’s maintained and cleaned to look its best at all times. When you come to the church, make sure to bring extra space in your phone or camera. This is one of the top Panama City photography spots, so you’re bound to take many pictures here. 

Tantalo Hotel

We cannot talk about the best Panama City photography spots without mentioning Tantalo Hotel. This is the go-to place for a unique and exotic experience where you can snag many great pictures. 

The rooms are a true one-of-a-kind masterpiece and have balconies overlooking Casco Viejo.

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Summit Municipal Park

The Parque Municipal Summit (Summit Municipal Park) is a 620-acre botanical garden and zoo on the outskirts of Panama City. Established to see how different plant species from around the world adapted to Panama’s tropical environment. 

Here you can take many Panama City, Panama pics of or with nature and animals. What’s more, you can spend a beautiful day surrounded by greenery and animals you perhaps don’t have the chance of seeing anywhere else. 

Best Spots For Panama City, Panama Pictures

I hope you feel inspired for your trip with these Panama City photography spots. Panama City has many incredible places for you to explore where you can take loads of photos. If you’re looking for a complete guide on the top-class Panama City, Panama pics, this post is sure to come in handy. Would love to know your favorite spot listed to take Panama City, Panama pictures. 

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