Everything To See With One Day In Vienna Travel Guide

Ah Vienna, a city is filled with elegance, romantic architecture, world-class museums, bustling squares, and the fragrance of wiener schnitzel in the air. If you’re headed there soon I have listed some of the best places for your Vienna one day trip. Although 24 hours is not enough you can get a brief taste of this city with my one day in Vienna travel guide.

Text reads 24 hour complete Vienna travel guide.

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Things To Know About Vienna

First, before we began our one day Vienna itinerary there are a few things to know that will be helpful during your visit there.

Currency Used In Vienna

Austria’s national currency is the Euro, but debit and credit cards are accepted pretty much everywhere in Vienna. Keep a few small bills handy just to be on the safe side for small shops and cafes. Vienna is a very expensive city so make sure you have plenty of cash for your one day in Vienna trip.

Language Spoken In Vienna

German is the official language spoken in Austria; however, most locals speak English very well. 

As a nice gesture, I suggest learning a few basic phrases before you go. Some phrases I recommend while in Vienna:

  • ‘Hello’ (hallo )
  • ‘Thank You’ (danke)
  • ‘Sorry’ (Es tut mir leid)

This is a great place to start learning any new language. Even though locals speak some English most seemed more willing to help when I made an attempt to speak German. 

Getting Around In Vienna

The best way to explore Vienna for a day is by foot and metro. Vienna has one spectacular public transit system that is very easy to figure out. 

Picture of me at one of the best places to take pictures in Vienna the metro station

For your one day in Vienna you will only use the U-Bahn and once you exit your stop it’s super quick walk to wherever you need to to.

I suggest purchasing a Vienna City Card, you can explore Vienna with unlimited use of the metro, tram, and buses. Also, there are over 210 discounts to museums, shops, and popular attractions. Purchase your tickets in advance online here.

Taking a taxi or Uber is another way you can get around Vienna, but the costs can add up quickly with each trip. Stick with the metro and walking, you will discover places along your route to pop inside. 

When To Visit Vienna

Any time of the year would be perfect, but based on your weather preference is when you should plan your vacation there. 

For a true holiday experience then plan one day in Vienna during the winter season. Vienna is famous for their Christmas Markets and have one of the biggest in Europe. Get a taste of the holiday cheer with delcious treats, Christmas decorations, and mulled wine between mid-November and Christmas. 

If you prefer warmer climate visit during May through September. Beginning in June and through August is Vienna’s busy season and hotel prices will be a little more expensive.

Where To Stay In Vienna

During my one day in Vienna, I booked at The Austria Trend Hotel Astoria, it was conveniently located in the city center.

There are many hotels in Vienna that are available to cater to any budget.



If you decide to stay in Vienna a little longer, take a day trip to some surrounding cities nearby. Here are some other charming European options to consider: 

Wien Hauptbahnohf train station in Vienna.

Györ, Hungary- Go off the beaten path and visit Györ, a small town centered between Vienna and Budapest. From Vienna you can reach Györ in 60-minutes by train. You can read about my day trip to Györ right here.

Budapest, Hungary- Vienna to Budapest is about 2 1/2 hours by train. I suggest you take this day trip if you have 3 or more days in Vienna. If you’re interested in heading to Budapest you can book your trip here.

Salzburg, Austria- Reach Salzburg from Vienna in 2-hours by train.  Salzburg boarders Germany and has captivating views of the Eastern Alps. If interested in doing some site seeing in Salzburg, you can book your trip quickly right here\.

Tickets can be purchased the day of at Wien’s train station. Trains are departing frequently which makes it easy to squeeze in another city during your trip in Vienna.  

If you are waiting for your train at the station and need to use the toilet, you will have to pay €.50. Bring some change just incase you need to go!  


1| Have Breakfast At Cafe Central

Start your perfect day in Vienna off with a hearty meal, and dessert at one of the most popular cafe’s in Vienna- Cafe Central. Here you will have one spectacular Viennese experience!

The outside of Cafe Central. A Place you must visit if spending one day in Vienna.

Cafe Central is lavishly decorated on the inside with enormous columns, gold accents, and arched ceilings. This cafe is the epitome of European places to hang out.

If arriving for breakfast wake yourself up by starting with an authentic Viennese coffee. For breakfast I ordered the delicious smoked salmon is paired with scrambled eggs and brown bread.

Cafe Central is known to have some of the most amazing desserts. Even if you go for breakfast you must order one. They have an overwhelming amount of desserts to choose from showcased in glass display by the entrance.

Make reservations online before you go, if not just arrive when before doors open like I did to avoid waiting in line.

  • Hours: Cafe Central is open Monday to Saturday from 7:30AM-10PM. Sundays you can sleep in a little and arrive by 10AM and it closes at 10PM. 
  • Address: Ecke Herrengasse, Strauchgasse, 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Metro Tip: You can get there by taking the metro an exiting Herrengasse. From there it is less than a 5-minute walk. 

2| Visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral

One of Vienna’s most iconic landmarks is the 137 meter high St. Stephen’s Cathedral located in the main square Stephenplatz. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is 700—years old and one of Vienna’s most visited attractions by tourists.

The exterior consists of limestone rocket and a colorful tiled roof and a must-see when spending one day in Vienna.

Inside of St. Stephen's Cathedral a staple to see if spending one day in Vienna

The cathedral’s interior is intricately decorated and deserving of a visit. Before wandering off head to the tower to catch a panoramic view of Vienna from the tower. Reach the top by climbing the stairs for €5 (343-steps) or take an elevator for €6. Since I had to climb an overwhelming amount of stairs to my prior day trip to Copenhagen and d Munich I opted for the elevator. Waiting for an elevator may take up to 30 minutes depending on time and day you visit.

Me looking at a lock on top of St. Stephen's Cathedral one of the best places to take pictures in Vienna

Expect St. Stephen’s Cathedral to easily take 1-2 hours out of your day.

  • Hours: Daily from 9AM-5:30PM. Last entry to the towers is 30-minutes prior to closing. Holiday hours vary, so check in advance if visiting then. 
  • Admission: Free
  • Location: Stephansplatz 3, 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Metro Tip: You can easily arrive to St. Stephen’s Cathedral by taking the metro and exiting Stephenplatz. Once you exit the metro station you cannot miss this gigantic cathedral.

3| Walk Around Stephenplatz

After viewing St. Stephen’s Cathedral walk around the heart of Vienna – Stephenplatz. The main square in Vienna filled will numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes. Alleyways there are hidden treasures to explore and exquisite architecture. 

Me posing on one of the many alleyways in Stephenplatz.

Stephenplatz is always buzzing with activity all day. You an easily find a cafe for people watching and taking in the atmosphere for your one day in Vienna. 

Stephenplatz is open all day to explore, except for the restaurants and it’s free to wander the square.

  • Hours: Daily all day, expect stores and restaurants close
  • Admission: Free to walk around
  • Location: Exit Stephenplatz from metro
  • Metro Tip: To arrive to Stephenplatz on the metro, exit Stephenplatz. Easy peasy! 

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4| Visit Karlskirche (St. Charles Church)

Me sitting and posing on a step in front of Karlskirche

Karlskirche is an impressive Baroque style influenced church constructed in the early 1700s and in my opinion it is one of the most impressive churches in Vienna to view. Here you can also get another panoramic glimpse of Vienna.

If you chose to tour the inside of the church, opening hours are Monday through Saturday from 9AM-6PM. Sundays Karskiche is open until 7PM. Admission to enter St Charles Church is €8, which includes the panoramic lift. 

  • Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9AM-6PM. Sundays Karskiche is open until 7PM.
  • Admission: €8, which includes the panoramic lift. 
  • Location: Kreuzherrengasse 1, 1040 Wien, Austria
  • Metro Tip: Hop on the metro and exit Karlsplatz. You will be able to spot the turquoise blue dome outside of the metro station.

5| Grab Lunch At Schrnk

Your stomach may growling and needs to be fed, time to grab some schnitzel! Spending one day in Vienna it’s a must tasting this popular Viennese dish. Schrnk is a local cozy hotspot that serves up a darn good fried pork and frothy draft beers. Walk inside and don’t expect to get seated, just grab a table – one that is empty of course!

Two beers from Schrnk one of the best places to eat in Vienna.

Schrnk has some of the most delicious fries I have ever eaten. The are served hot and crispy so make sure you order two to accompany your schnitzel. Seven beers are available on tap to wash down you meal. Schrnk has the perfect ambience, friendly servers, and food arrives quickly.

  • Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 11AM-11PM, Wednesdy & Saturday 11AM-10PM, Thursday 11AM-12AM
  • Location: Kaerntner Strasse 61, Vienna 1010 Austria
  • Metro Tip: Get on the metro and exit Karlplatz to arrive to Schrnk. However, if you are leaving from St. Charles Church, you can just walk on over and 86 the metro.

6| Browse Naschmarkt

Stroll through the ‘real Viennese market,” Nashmarkt, one of the most famous and luxurious markets just as everything else in Vienna. Several booths have colorful food displays and fresh produce for purchase. 

Naschmarkt has been the market for locals to do their daily shopping since the 16th century and one place you must-see during your one day in Vienna.

Naschmarkt is open Monday to Saturday as early as 6AM and closes down around 7:30PM. Saturdays the doors shut as early at 5PM. Unfortunately, if you’re in Vienna on Sunday it is closed except for a few coffee stalls.  

  • Hours: Monday to Saturday as early as 6AM and closes down around 7:30PM. Saturdays the doors shut as early at 5PM. Unfortunately, if you’re in Vienna on Sunday it is closed except for a few coffee stalls.  
  • Admission: Free
  • Location: Kettenbruckengasse Kettenbrückengasse, Vienna 1040 Austria
  • Metro Tip: Take the metro exit to the Kettenbrückengasse or Karlsplatz Stations to reach Naschmarkt for your day in Vienna. If you dined at Schrnk, then it is only a short walk from the restaurant. No need to hop on the metro!

7| Check Out Danube Canal Promenade

Explore another part of the city and check out some spectacular street art and graffiti walls alongside the Danube Canal Promenade. Walls at the promenade are splashed with various yellows, pinks, reds, and turquoise from talented local artist.

me posing and looking at the Danube Canal at the graffiti park.

Best of all it is free to stroll and view all the murals and walk along the canal. It is a great way to view another side of  Vienna outside of its whimsical architecture. 

  • Hours: 24/7
  • Admission: Free
  • Metro Tip: If you are taking the metro around the city, you can reach the graffiti walls by exiting at the Schwedenplatz Station.

8| Ride The Rollercoasters At Vienna Prater

outside of Prater Vienna with the Viennese Giant Ferris wheel

A Vienna must-see located in the 2nd district is Vienna Prater and it’s perfect for a stroll, a thrill, and getting an idea of daily Viennese life.

Ride the bumper cars or anything else that will make your stomach flip at  Vienna’s most famous park. Take a ride on a 100 year old Viennese Giant Ferris Wheel (Wiener Riesenrad) which is a favorite with the locals since 1766. If you hang around until evening you can see the night lights in Vienna from the ferris wheel. 

During Christmas time Vienna Prater have booths to ignite the holiday spirit serving up festive foods and good ole mulled wine to keep you all warm and cozy.  

It is fee to walk around Prater Vienna! But, if you are looking for a quick thrill on the rollercoasters or other rides it does cost. You can book your tickets in advance here.

The park is open Monday to Thursday 12PM-10PM, Fridays 11:30AM-10:30PM, and Saturday 11AM-11PM. Holiday hours may affect opening hours. So check with your concierge if you arrive during the holidays. 

  • Hours: The park is open Monday to Thursday 12PM-10PM, Fridays 11:30AM-10:30PM, and Saturday 11AM-11PM. Holiday hours may affect opening hours. So check with your concierge if you arrive during the holidays. 
  • Location: Prater 7/1 Riesenradplatz 1, Vienna 1020 Austria
  • Admission: Free, for rides purchase tickets here.
  • Metro Tip: To reach Prater, just hop on the metro and exit Prater you will see the massive ferris wheel.

9| Eat Authentic Viennese Cuisine At Cafe Ritter

End your perfect one day in Vienna with a true Viennese experience at Cafe Ritter. This refined cafe is filled with chandeliers and polished wood floors and is truly one elegant atmosphere. Cafe Ritter was highly recommended by a local as one of best spots for  authentic Viennese cuisine in the city. And, it did live up to its expectations.  

If you are not too schnitzeled out from Schrnk then go with the pork. Even though it is fried, Cafe Ritter prepared a very light and tender piece of meat. My friend ordered the goulash, it tasty, hearty, and the essence of comfort food. 

Don’t fill up too quickly, I am going to surprise you with one more stop to end our day in Vienna.  

  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 7:30AM-10PM, and Sundays from 9AM-9PM.
  • Location: Mariahilfer Str. 73, 1060 Wien, Austria
  • Metro Tip: To reach Cafe Ritter, look for the U-line exiting Neubaugasse. From there it is about a 5-minute walk to reach the cafe. 

10| Have Dessert At Aida Cafe

One of the most popular pastry shops in Vienna is Aida Cafe are located all over the city and you can spot their pink exterior easily.

exterior of Aida Cafe in Vienna.

Their cakes are light, tasty, and pretty darn moist. Don’t leave Vienna without grabbing a dessert at this staple. 

  • Hours: Dily 7AM-11PM
  • Location: Singerstraße 1, 1010 Wien, Austria
  • Metro Tip:  You can find this cafe in the main square Stephenplatz, which is the metro exit too! It is the perfect spot to end the night if your hotel is also in the main square.


If you find yourself with some additional time and looking for more things to do in Vienna in one day – then squeeze in some of these other recommendations: 

City Hall

Not only is the City Hall building simply astonishing, but it is a staple to visit during the summer months. Between July and August food stalls and tables are aligned in front. While you sit and chat that have Jazz or Opera playing from a large screen. 

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace is one of the most popular palaces in Vienna. Keep in mind you could spend up to 5-hours here exploring the 1,441 rooms inside. 

Belvedere Palace

Thirty minutes outside of the inner city you can find the historical palace, Belvedere is known for its paintings collected from Gustav Klimt, fountains, and magnificent sculptures. 

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera is one of the top leading opera houses in the world. During the season, they hold 350-performances. 


Keep an open mind with this itinerary and pick and choose what flips your fancy. You can have all these cool places to visit by adding them to your Google maps trip planner. Have one fabulous trip to Vienna.

If you’re traveling far, find out how to survive long flights make sure you are prepared and pack the right essentials in your carry-on!


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  1. Vanessa Shields

    Vienna looks like a wonderful city to explore for a day or more! I have been to Austria but never made it to Vienna. I love how your photos captured the beauty of the cathedral, buildings, food and spirit of the town. I am officially hungry for schnitzel now!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      I would love to explore more of Austria! I am always in the mood for schnitzel!

  2. Erin

    Vienna is such a magical city, and you really captured that in this post. It’s been years since I was there – feeling super inspired to return now!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      It really is a magical city. I hope you return there soon!

  3. Hannah

    Vienna looks like such a beautiful city. I’d especially love to visit St Stephen’s cathedral. Thanks for the great guide!
    Hannah | https://getlost.blog/

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      It is really beautiful. St Stephen’s is really breathtaking in person.

  4. Kanupriyaa Choudhary-Legha

    One day sounds like its not enough! Vienna sounds so amazing I would want to stay there for a week or more. I loved the article, its amazing!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      It really isn’t enough. But if you can go for a day go for it. Thanks so much for your compliment 🙂

  5. Rhonda Albom

    I haven’t been to Vienna in over 30 years, and the memories in my head are so completely different from your article that I really regret not visiting again last time we were in Europe. So many cool things to do, and yummy looking things to eat.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      I am sure it has changed since you been. So it is time you go visit again girly!

  6. Tina

    Vienna looks so dreamy, great post! I want to visit so badly

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      Do visit when you can. It is a beautiful city!

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