One Day In Munich Travel Guide: Everything To See & Do

View of Old Town Hall (Alte Rathaus) from St. Peter's Tower one of the places to see spending one day in Munich.

Munich is the third-largest city in Germany and the capital of Bavaria. You will find it to be extremely rich in German culture. Munich delivers hypnotizing architecture, delicious brats, full beer steins, and chummy locals. All these qualities will have you craving more than one day in Munich. 

Two German beers in large steins on a table. Text says how to spend one awesome day in Munich.

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Things To Know For Your One Day In Munich

Panoramic view of Munich.

Currency In Munich

Germany is part of the European Union and uses the Euro as its national currency and the only currency used in this country.

Meals, shopping at the markets, and admission fees for museums were very inexpensive! Save those Euros and splurge on some extra pints of beer.

How To Get Around Munich


Catching a cab is one way to get around for your one day in Munich. However, fees can add up quickly and costs are .50€ per minute.


Another option to get around Munich is taking an Uber. Cost varies on the Uber service you select (capacity needed for passengers) and the distance of your route.


The best way to get around Munich is the Deutsch Bahn, the metro. To be honest, Munich’s subway system was one of the most complicated and stressful to understand compared to other countries I have visited. If you are staying outside of the main square, Marienplatz you’re going to have to figure it out to get around. Once you do, it becomes easy.

 If you are staying outside of the main center as I did, take any S-line, except S20- you won’t reach the right stop here. When you’re on the correct S- line, exit Marienplatz Munich Station, from there it is easy to walk to the major attractions. 

A one-day ticket costs you less than 8€ and is all you need for spending 24 hours in Munich.

Just a friendly tip, restrooms at the metro stations cost 50 cents in case you need to go.

Where To Stay In Munich

To experience all the things to see in Munich in one day, I suggest booking a hotel in Marienplatz, it’s the central square and heart of the city. Once you check in take a free walking tour of Munich so you can familiarize yourself with the city quickly.


When To Visit Munich

Munich is known to be the coldest city in Germany due to its location near the Alps. If you are not a fan of cold weather, then avoid visiting during their coldest months December to February.

Munich’s weather in the summer consists of warm days and cool breezy nights. June through August highs average 90°F (32°C). During this time it is peak season so the city will be hopping with tourists.

Picture of two German beers on a table. One of the things to do with one day in Munich is drink German beer.

Fall in Munich begins around September. September is known to start off with pleasant weather in the ’60s (15-18°C) initially before gradually becoming cold and wet later in the month.

However, in September and October, the weather can still be lovely. November the days become shorter and it is accompanied by rainy weather and thick fog.

Spring in Munich is from March to April. The sun stays out longer and the weather can range in the high 70s (25°C). You can catch the city with perfect weather and fewer crowds.

What To Do In Munich In One Day

If you’re wondering if a day in Munich is long enough – I have to say absolutely not! It is one large city and a day in Munich couldn’t absolutely cover all there is to see. But, if you only have 24 hours in Munich I can ensure you will still have one fabulous day. Since we don’t have much time, we better get hustling with this itinerary!

See Stunning Architecture At New Town Hall  (Neue Rathaus)

Picture of the New Town Hall in Munich taken from St. Peter's Church Tower

Start your day off in Marienplatz Munich’s central square since 1158.  On the northern part of Marienplatz you will be immediately greeted by the New Town Hall, outside of the station.  New Town Hall is where the city council, mayor’s office, and headquarters of the city administration reside.   

Your breath will be taken away by the massive size of this building and its iconic neo-Gothic style architecture. Don’t hesitate to step inside the courtyard to continue exploring this magnificent structure. 

Around the corner is the Juristische Bibliothek, Munich’s library. I desperately wanted to see this building during my visit, but it was closed the day I was there.

Don’t venture off too far from the area so you can see the Glockenspiel at New Town Hall. If you are wondering what time the Glockenspiel in Munich plays you can catch it an 11 am, 12 pm, and 5 pm!

Browse Around Old Town Hall (Alte Rathaus)

View of Munich from the St. Peter's Tower

Near the New Town Hall is Alte Rathaus, otherwise known as Old Town Hall. It is housed on the eastern edge of  Marienplatz and it is a major landmark of the square.  Although the New Town Hall completely dominates the Old Town Hall due to its ornate architecture and impressive size it is still one remarkable building to see. 

Old Town Hall has encountered several renovations and was nearly destroyed during World War II. In the 1950’s it was reconstructed to its Gothic roots by Jörg von Halsback, and is presently used for government purposes. 

The tower at the Old Town Hall also has a historical toy museum filled with an assortment of dolls, stuffed animals, and model trains. 

Get An Aerial View Of Munich At St. Peter’s Church (Peterskirche)

Inside St. Peter's Church with a family sitting on a pew

St. Peter’s Church is a must-see during your one day in Munich. The chapel was established in the 1100s and is the oldest church in Munich. It is free to walk inside and I highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity. 

Immediately upon entering the church you smell the aroma of incense burning as you walk along the wooden pews to the altar which has a golden sunburst on top. Numerous golden statue displays are throughout the church that is simply divine.

When done touring the inside head to the back of the chapel (outside) for St. Peter’s Tower. Here you will capture the best view of Munich and the entrance fee will cost you only 3€ (for students 2€). 

Me at St. Peter's Tower looking over Munich one of my favorite Munich photo spots

Elevators are nonexistent to reach the 92-meter high tower, so beware you will have to walk up 14-flights of extremely narrow and wobbly wooden stairs. Ascending and descending from the tower steps can get crammed pretty quickly with other tourists. When you come to a stop just remember to hold the rail tightly while others are squeezing by to pass you. 

Once you reach the top, be prepared for one mouth-dropping view of Munich. The panoramic view from the tower is absolutely ah-mazing! This makes a fantastic spot to capture some amazing photos of the Marienplatz buildings. 

If you want to avoid wasting time during your 24 hours in Munich and overly crowded steps, arrive at St. Peter’s Church early in the morning. Doors open at 9 am! If you happen to catch the line, maybe your friend can hold your spot so you can browse the souvenir shop that is less than a meter away. 

Explore The Farmer’s Market Viktualienmarkt

Sky view of Viktualienmarkt one of the things to see during your 24 hours in Munich visit.

If you built up an appetite after your climb up the tower, head on over to Viktualienmarkt for some true authentic German snacks and beverages.  Around the market and you will find various delicious delicacies that will appease any palate. Of course, first on my agenda was delighting myself with that famous enormous-sized German pretzel. 

Perusing Viktualienmarkt can easily take up 2-3 hours of your time. There is plenty to do with the overwhelming amount of booths selling many kinds of cheese, meats, fresh produce, and numerous spices and herbs.

If your stomach isn’t grumbling yet, it is a great spot to purchase some one-of-a-kind souvenirs to take back home to your family and friends. 

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Roam Around Munich Residenz 

hallway inside the Munich Residenz

There is an overabundance of museums to visit, however, with limited time it’s impossible to tour them all with only 24 hours in Munich. I suggest doing research prior and finding one museum that is the most appealing to you.  

A museum that kindled my interest within the Marienplatz area was Munich Residenz, Germany’s largest palace and the former home to the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria.

Munich Residenz will easily absorb between 2-3 hours of your time. All 130 rooms in the palace are filled with grandeur decorations, exquisite wall paintings, elaborate architecture,  and lavish furniture.

Admittance to enter the Residenz costs 8€ and doors open at 9 am, arrive early because it gets crowded rather quickly.

Indulge In Authentic German Food At Zum Franziskander

After Munich Residenz more than likely you built up a pretty hefty appetite. Not too far from the palace, you can find Zum Franziskander, some of the best authentic German food.

This restaurant stays jam-packed no matter what time you arrive. Don’t expect a hostess to seat you at a table, search the restaurant for any chair available.

Delicious German pretzels are brought to your table seconds after placing your order. Even though you didn’t ask for them, you will have a 3€ charge on your bill. However, it wasn’t really an issue with me, I wanted to fill my belly with as many pretzels as I could during my one day in Munich. 

I highly suggest you start off by ordering their lemonade beer for your beverage. If you’re not into sweet beverages, it only adds a little citrusy punch to your pint. You will definitely be ordering round 2!

Forget the menu and order the sausage and sauerkraut entree, it had hints of rosemary and was some of the most incredible sausages I have eaten. The sauerkraut at Zum Franziskander is simply impeccable and will have you craving another vinegary bowl. 

Do Some Shopping On Maximilianstrasse

If you ate too much sausage and indulged in a tad too much beer, walk it off at the Maximilianstrasse which is right outside the restaurant. This street is filled with all the high-end designers like Armani, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.

Even if you decide not to purchase anything while there, which is understandable – the street is simply elegant and charming to stroll during your one day in Munich.

Take The Hitler and the Third Reich Munich Tour

The Hitler and the Third Reich is a walking tour that explores all the places and major events associated with the Nazi Movement. Events date back to the initial mass meetings being held at Hofbräuhaus and their attempted failure to pursue power at Felderrnhalle. 

The walk is 3.5 kilometers long and takes a duration of 2 hours to complete. There is an option to complete a self-guided or guided tour.

I recommend a self-guided tour so you can speed up your journey since you will be a little pressed for time. You can find more details regarding pricing if you prefer to opt for a guided tour instead right here.  

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Get Awe-Struck At The National Theatre Munich

Me posing on the steps at National Theatre Munich

Another noteworthy spot in Munich is the National Theater which is home to the Bavarian State Opera, it’s located next to the Munich Residenz, and cannot be missed. 

If interested in catching a Bavarian opera you can purchase tickets and catch a show for only 9€! If you’re unable due to time constraints, but want to see inside, you can schedule a  guided tour and can check out more information regarding pricing here

Take a glimpse of the outside even if you plan not to attend an opera or guided tour. The construction of the massive white columns and what seems like never-ending stairs is by far worth the adventure.

Chug A Beer Break At Tegernseer Tal

picture of Two pints of beer at Tegernseer Tal.

After all that walking you may be feeling pretty thirsty by now, grab a pint at Tegernseer Tal which is a short walk from Marienplatz that’s buzzing with locals getting their beer fix at this cozy nook.

At Tegernseer Tal everyone feels welcome, so grab a seat at the bar and order yourself a pint of beer. The German beer is cheap and pretty darn delicious. Don’t hesitate to ask the server for some good ole German beer recommendations!

Take A Walk To St. Luke’s Church

Outside view of St. Luke's Church

St. Luke’s Church is another church you should visit while in Munich, established in 1893, and is the largest Protestant church in Munich.

Although it may not be anywhere near as antiquated as St. Peter’s Church, the architecture is simply mesmerizing!  The exterior of St. Luke’s Church is composed of a Romanesque style, it can easily be spotted outside by its prominent green dome top.

Inside St. Luke’s Church, the interior is encompassed by stunning Gothic-inspired geometric shapes. The alter at St Luke’s Church is pretty extraordinary and ornate and surrounded by the most artistic stained glass windows that will make you cry from its beauty. 

St. Luke’s Church is a gem to see while in Munich! Just the view of the dome from a distance is beautiful.  You can find it along the bank of the Isar River in Munich.

Embrace German Culture At Hofbräuhaus Brewery

Eating a Hofbräuhaus Brewery must to have a meal with only one day in Munich. Picture of two pints of insanely large beers with menus.

End your one day in Munich at Hofbräuhaus Brewery for a memorable dinner and authentic Bavarian experience. This beer garden was built in 1589 and is one of the oldest breweries in Munich! And, it is certainly one of the most famous beer halls all over the world. 

Hofbräuhaus has a history that goes way back! It has served a few steins to the famous composer Mozart and is the location Hitler first addressed the Nazi party. Honestly, this was a little creepy to me.

You may initially feel a little overwhelmed when you enter the large dining hall. Your senses will be overly stimulated, but in a good way, I promise! Don’t stand at the entrance waiting for a hostess to seat you, you will more than likely get run over.

During lunch and dinner hours, the dining hall becomes congested rather quickly. Just squeeze yourself into any table that has room.

One thing I enjoyed at Hofbräuhaus was the traditional live Barvarian music blaring and watching the servers dressed in their Lenderhosen slinging oversized steins of beer down the tables. 

Okay, I was a glutton with the sauerkraut in Munich and maybe a tad obsessed.  Don’t forget to order some along with their sausage and potatoes for your entree.

Apple strudel at Hofbräuhaus Brewery one of the things to eat with one day in Munich.

End your meal with their apple strudel, it’s served with warm vanilla sauce and a dollop of fresh whip cream that is out of this world delicious and velvety! 

One Day In Munich: Conclusion

So, ladies and gentlemen now you have the perfect itinerary to see Munich in one day. And yes, they certainly are doable. Follow my Munich itinerary and you too will be planning to revisit Bavaria’s capital.

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  1. Michelle

    This is a great post. We loved our time in Munich and visited many of the places that you listed. The people were so nice here and the food was delicious!!

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      Thank you so much for the compliment. Munich is an amazing city. I completely agree about the food and locals!

  2. Merrie Rodriguez

    We just went to Munich in November and as touristy as it was Hofbräuhaus Brewery was one of my favorite places we went to! So fun!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      It was my favorite too! I felt I got more of a glimpse of the German culture there.

  3. Melissa

    Great post, so many great places to visit. The food looks delicious-especially the apple strudel. The Munich Residenz looks stunning! Will have to add these to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Munich does have a lot of great places to visit. Will return and stay longer. The food was out of this world!Thanks for reading 🙂

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    My favorite city! Wonderful post!

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      When you can definitely go. It is one AMAZING city!

  6. Krystianna

    Great post! I visited Munich last spring and really loved it. I did almost all of these things, which makes me feel happy that I at least visited recommended places! I do regret not going inside the Residenz though.
    Krystianna @ Volumes and Voyages

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      Thank you so much! I absolutely fell in love with Munich. Looks like we were on the same track. The Munich Residenz was stunning. Always a reason to go back!

  7. Yukti Agrawal

    Munich was my favorite city in Germany trip. And I spent here 2 days, but would love to visit again for other left out attractions. You have done quite a lot in 1 day.

    1. jetlaggedroamer@gmail.com

      I love Munich and cannot wait to go back. Hopefully, you will get to return soon!

  8. Laura R Vivanco

    Loving all these tips! I have Munich on my list for 2021 and the food hall sounds like a can’t-miss. I’m definitly saving this post for later. Thanks for sharing!

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      No problem. Definitely check out Houfbraus. It was AH-MAZING!

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