Rio de Janeiro Instagram Captions That Will Make You Want To Samba

On the hunt for some Rio de Janeiro Instagram captions? Look no further! Here I have curated a list of 90+ Rio de Janeiro captions to capture your Instagram clicks. 

During my visit to Rio de Janeiro, I was left speechless by the views from Corcovado, sugary sand beaches from Copacabana to Ipanema, and stiff caipirinhas. With these Rio de Janeiro captions, Rio de Janeiro quotes, and Rio de Janeiro puns you will be able to capture your moments in words. 

So get ready to samba! 

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Rio de Janeiro Instagram Captions

Let’s begin our exciting adventure with these Rio de Janeiro Instagram captions to capture your Instagram photos. 

  • I’m just a girl who fell in love with Rio de Janeiro. 
  • I’m in love with Rio de Janeiro. 
  • P.S. Rio de Janeiro, I love you. 
  • Any day is better in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Keep calm and drink a caipirinha. 
  • P.S. I love Rio. 
  • Best nights are spent doing the samba in Rio. 
  • Follow your heart, even if it takes you all the way to Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Explore the beauty of Rio de Janeiro. 
  • The heart of Brazil beats in Rio. 
  • Life’s short, go to Rio. 
  • I’d rather be sad in Rio than happy anywhere else. 

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Short Rio de Janeiro Captions

  • Drink a caipirinha. 
  • I’d rather be in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Caipirinha love. 
  • Do the samba. 
  • Sugarloaf views. 
  • Am I tan yet? 
  • City of samba. 
  • Samba, sand, and sea. 
  • Rock it in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Caipirinha & churrasco. 
  • Sandy toes. 
  • Nights in Rio. 
  • Let’s samba. 
  • Sunshine state of mind. 
  • I love Rio de Janeiro. 
  • I love açaí. 
  • Paradise found in Rio. 
  • Cidade Maravilhosa. 
  • City of soul. 
  • The girl from Ipanema. 
  • Copacabana to Ipanema. 
  • Rio nights and city lights.

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Funny Rio de Janeiro Instagram Captions 

  • Rio de Janeiro is the next best thing if you can’t go to heaven. 
  • I came to Rio de Janeiro for the beaches but stayed for the caipirinhas. 
  • A good beach day in Rio de Janeiro will keep the doctor away. 
  • Hold my caipirinha. 
  • The only decision I am making today is what flavor of caipirinha I want.
  • Dreams are made of feijoada. 
  • Rio, where every day is a beach day!
  • Welcome to Rio. Home where the pigeons can do the samba better than me. 
  • Rio de Janeiro where the beaches are hot and the caipirinhas are cold. 
  • Tan lines fade, but the memories made in Rio de Janeiro will last forever. 
  • One caipirinha, two caipirinhas, three caipirinhas. Oh shoot, I Iost count. 

Rio de Janeiro Puns

  • Life is a Carnival
  • For shore Rio de Janeiro is always a good idea. 
  • Beach you to it. 
  • I am Rio-lly loving Brazil. 
  • The charm of this city is Christal clear. 
  • I want samba more of Rio de Janeiro. 
  • I’ve tried a Brazilian times to leave Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Carnival on. 
  • Don’t Rio-verlook this city. 
  • Aç-ai you in Rio!
  • Life is a beach in Rio. 
  • I Rio-ly want to go back to Brazil. 
  • Always an Amazon time in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • I have been to Rio de Janeiro a Brazilian times. 
  • I am Rio-ly obsessed with Rio de Janeiro. 
  • The beaches are Rio nice here. 
  • Rio, you drive me coconuts for you. 
  • I’ll come back to Rio a Brazil-lion times. 

Cute Rio de Janeiro Instagram Captions

  • Oh baby, it’s a wild world in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Rio de Janeiro you have a special place in my heart. 
  • The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are so beautiful. 
  • Live in the colors of Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Rio, you’re cute. 
  • Rio, you stole my heart. 
  • Shake your bum bum. 
  • Rio you’re so contagious. 
  • Pinch me, I’m in Rio!
  • Sipping on coconut in Copacabana. 
  • I’m a size plane ticket to Rio. 

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Beautiful Rio de Janeiro Captions

  • May you have many days walking the beaches of Ipanema. 
  • Rio is a city that will leave you both speechless and breathless. 
  • When in Rio, let the waves wash your worries away. 
  • Let go and let your feet move to the beat of samba. 
  • Embrace the warmth of the Brazilians. Just a day in Rio can soothe the soul. 
  • Learn to go with life, like the samba you hear on the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. 
  • Embrace the magic of Rio for yourself. 
  • Rio, a city that goes to the beat of its own. 

Rio de Janeiro Quotes For Instagram Captions 

  • “One of my dreams is to dance with the Carnival girls.” – Shanola Hampton
  • “I’d like to go to Brazil I think. Do a little South America trip.” – Kristanna Loken
  • “In my heart, I’ve never left Brazil.” – Brent Spiner 
  • “Brazil was, is, and will be in fashion.” – Gilberto Gil
  • “They have a joy for life in Brazil unlike any country I’ve ever seen.” – Morena Baccarin 
  • “In Rio de Janeiro, it’s so exciting to see, no matter where you go” – Barry White
  • “The Brazilian personality, the brightness, the passion, the laughter, the dancing, the joy.” – Oz Clarke 
  • “Look at me and tell me if I don’t have Brazil in every curve of my body.” – Carmen Miranda
  • “Brazil is where I belong, the place that feels like home.” – Dionne Warwick
  • “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to Rio. I may never come back.”- Chrissy Koulouris
  • “Rio’s a beautiful city, a vibrant place, a special place.” – Gilberto Gil 

Rio De Janeiro Captions Conclusion

That’s a wrap on these Rio de Janeiro Instagram captions. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I had curating this list. These Rio de Janeiro quotes, Rio de Janeiro puns, and Rio de Janeiro captions for Instagram are sure to capture those magical moments you had in the heart of Brazil.

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