157 Sun Captions For Instagram To Brighten Anyone’s Day

Searching for some sun captions for Instagram?  Let’s face it, writing an engaging Instagram caption can be pretty tough. This hefty list I have curated has all the sunshine captions to inspire, motivate, and give someone a good laugh.

Without further ado, let’s get started on our quotes with the best sun captions for Instagram. 

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Pinterest pin for sun captions. Text says sun Instagram captions that are pretty dope. Sunflower field.

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Sun Captions For Instagram

If you’re looking for the right words for your post, these sun captions are perfect to capture that sunshine. 

Man looking at a mountain. Sun caption that says here comes the sun.

Here comes the sun.

Above the clouds the sun is always shining. 

The sun will shine again. 

Let the sun shine. 

You are the sun. 

Pray for sun. 

The sun is shining today. 

Sun please.

Cute Sunshine Captions For Instagram

Aerial view of the beach. Sunshine caption that says sunshine on my mind.

Sunshine on my mind.

Good morning sunshine. 

Living in the sunshine.

Hello sunshine. 

Sunshine is free. 

Be the sunshine in someone’s life.

Sunshine looks good on me! 

Everything is fine when there is sunshine.

It’s a sun-shiny kinda day.

Feeling the endless sunshine.

When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine. 

Create your own sunshine.

A day with sunshine is the best day. 

Sunshine is my favorite accessory.

Sunshine makes everything brighter. 

Let the sun shine!

She just shines. 

Powered by sunshine. 

Sunshine Captions For Instagram

Sunshine caption for Instagram that says chasing the sunshine. Woman during sunrise on the beach.

Chasing the sunshine.

Sunshine makes everything better.

Sunshine at the beach.

Soul full of sunshine.

Let your confidence shine. 

Sunshine state of mind. 

It’s a sunshine day. 

Soaking up the sunshine!

Sunshine fills me with love and hope. 

Sunshine caption for Instagram that says waking up with the sunshine. Woman on a hammock during sunrise.

Waking up with the sunshine.

Life is better when the sun is shining.

Just trying to live in the sunshine. 

Got that sunshine in my pocket. 

Sunshine makes me happy. 

Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.

Smiling at the sunshine. 

Here comes the sunshine. 

Sunshine is the best medicine. 

Endless sunshine. 

Short Sunshine Quotes For Instagram Captions

Sunshine quote for Instagram that says friends are the sunshine of life. Two friends holding surfboards on their hands during sunrise.

 “Friends are the sunshine of life.” ― John Hay

 “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…”- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

 “A compliment is verbal sunshine.” ― Robert Orben 

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

 “Make use of the sun while it shines.” ― Danish Proverb

“Humor – The sunshine of the mind.” ― Bulwer-Lytton 

“Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” ― Lilly Pulitzer

 “Awaken the sunshine within you.” ― Asad Meah  

“To be happy you must be your own sunshine.”- C.E. Jerningham

Inspirational Sunshine Captions For Instagram

Sunshine caption for Instagram that says if I do but one thing today may I be human sunshine for someone quote by butterflies rising. Silhouette of a woman at the beach during sunrise.

“If I do but one thing today, may I be human sunshine for someone.” – Butterflies Rising

 “If you see the sunshine, feel the sunshine then you feel good. But if your focus is only on the clouds and the dark sky then you may find yourself a bit gloomy.” – Catherine Pulsifer 

“If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.” – Morris West 

“Get off the track of doubt and gloom, get on the sunshine track, there’s room.” – Unknown

 “Don’t let the shadows of yesterday spoil the sunshine of tomorrow, Live for today.” – Nandina Morris

 “A cloudy day or a little sunshine has as great an influence on many constitutions as the most recent blessings or misfortunes.” – Joseph Addison

 “There is nothing more beautiful than a rainbow, but it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.” – Roy T. Bennett

 “Good times and tan lines. Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain.” – Unknown

 “I’m just a simple guy, I live from day today. A ray of sunshine melts my frown and blows my blues away.” – Led Zeppelin

Sunlight Captions For Instagram

Sunlight caption for Instagram that says shine like sunlight. Silhouette of a woman in front of the beach with her arms up.

Shine like sunlight.

Stay sunlit.

Everything is better in sunlight. 

Sunlight is the best light. 

The sunlight paints us gold.

All that glitters really is sunlight. 

Invest the sunlight in your selfie. 

I want to paint sunlight. 

 Life is a sunlight ride.

A kind of sunlight one remembers for a lifetime. 

These are the sunlight days.  

Sunlight runs in my blood.

 I drink a cup of sunlight every morning to brighten myself.

Happiness is feeling sunlight on your face.

 Inspiration is like a glimmer of sunlight through a forest of shadows.

Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting. 

Touch seems to be as essential as sunlight. 

 It’s like I have a window in my chest where sunlight is pouring in.

Sunlight brings out the world’s beauty. 

Sunny Day Captions For Instagram

Sunny day captions for Instagram that says the sun always shine's above the clouds. Image of the sun and the clouds.

The sun always shines above the clouds.

Happiness is a sunny day.

Happiness is my bicycle and a sunny day.

 A sunny thing happened on the way.

 If it was sunny every day then we would start taking it for granted.

 If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.

A cloud is no match for a sunny disposition. 

Not always sunny but in a sunny state of mind.

Short Sunny Day Captions For Instagram 

Sunny day captions for Instagram that says sunny life. The starfish perched in the sand on the beach.

Sunny life.

Cheers! It’s a sunny day. 

Fun & Sun.

I was made for sunny days.

 Sunny day, happy day.

No clouds in my sunny day.  

Sunny days give us happiness.

 I was made for sunny days. 

Sunny life. 

Sunny day, happy day.

Sunny Day Quotes For Instagram

Sunny day quote for Instagram that says I don't complain when it's sunny by Tim Howard. Woman in a field on a sunny day.

“I don’t complain when it’s sunny.” – Tim Howard 

“Staring up at the sky on a bright, sunny day makes me dream and gives me ideas.” – Marc Jacobs 

“Everyone must have felt that a cheerful friend is like a sunny day, which sheds its brightness on all around.” – John Lubbock

 “Who cares about the clouds when we’re together? Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.” – Dale Evans 

“There is much more mystery in the shadow of a man walking on a sunny day, than in all religions of the world.” – Giorgio de Chirico

 “It is such a splendid sunny day and I have to go.” – Sophie Scholl 

 “At one with the One, it didn’t mean a thing besides a glass of Guinness on a sunny day.” – Graham Greene 

“Was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. Not a negative word was heard.” – Paul Simon

“A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.” – William Arthur Ward

 “A clear sunny day can suddenly shift to thunder and lightning, a raging storm can suddenly give way to a bright moonlit night. The weather may be inconstant, but the sky remains the same. The substance of the human mind should also be like this.” – Zicheng Hong

“Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude.” – Maya Angelou

 “Butterflies are but flowers that blew away one sunny day when Nature was feeling at her most inventive and fertile.” George Sand

“If you only walk on sunny days you’ll never reach your destination.” – Paulo Coelho

Funny Sunny Day Captions

One of the sunny day captions that says sunny vibes with sunflower field image.

Sunny vibes.

Feelin’ sunny. 

Sun, sand and a drink in my hand. 

I was made for sunny days. 

Give like the sun.

Feeling sunny day vibes right now. 

Short Sun Captions For Instagram

Sun caption for Instagram that says they got the sun. Silhouette of a woman sitting at the beach during sunrise.

Soak up the sun.

 Live by the sun. 

Shine bright.

 All suns blazing.

Girls just wanna have sun. 

Sun babe. 

Sun kissed. 

Chase the sun.

More Funny Sun Captions

Sun captions that says been there sun that. Man's hand reaching for the sun rise.

Been there, sun that. 

Summer — that crazy little sun of a beach. 

Sun and dusted.

 Tis the sea-sun.

What does the sun drink out of? Sunglasses!

I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.

Fun Sun Captions For Instagram

Sun captions for Instagram that says sun of a beach. Aerial view of a beach.

Sun of a beach.

Keep calm and lay in the sun.

Sundays are for sunshine. 

Sun goddess.

 I want to smile at the sun.

Keep calm and lay in the sun.

Get your shine on.

Music Lyrics With Sun Captions 

Sun captions music lyric that says I'm walking on sunshine by Katrina and the waves. Woman in a sunflower field on a sunny day.

“I’m walking on sunshine.”- Katrina & The Waves , ’Walking On Sunshine’

“Yo the sun doesn’t shine forever, but as long as it’s here then we might as well shine together, better now than never.” – Diddy , ’Victory’

“You are my sunshine.” -Johnny Cash , ’You Are My Sunshine’

“Let me go on, like a blister in the sun.”- Violent Femmes,  ‘Blister In The Sun’ 

“Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”- Bob Marley ‘ Sun Is Shining’

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.” -Bill Withers, ‘Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone’

“We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.” -Westlife’, “Seasons in the Sun’

“ It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright) sunshiny day!”- Johnny Nash, ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ 

“We’ve only just begun. You’ll find us chasing the sun.”- The Wanted, ‘Chasing The Sun’

More Sunshine Quotes For Instagram

One of the sunshine quotes for Instagram that says keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows by Helen Keller. Woman in a field during sunrise.

 “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” ― Helen Keller

“To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.”- David Viscott

“It’s the artist’s business to create sunshine when the sun falls.” ― Romain Rolland

“If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm.” ― Frank Lane

 “Anyone’s life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.” – Lillie Langtry

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

 “It is eternity now. I am in the midst of it. It is about me and the sunshine.” ― Richard Jefferies 

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity.”- Joseph Addison “

Sunshine Caption Instagram Hashtags

Sun captions photo of a sunflower field on a sunny day.

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Sun Captions For Instagram Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed these sun captions for your Instagram. Sunshine always puts me in the best mood. Let me know which one of these captions on sunshine was your favorite in the comments below!

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